Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kansas Democrats Forced To Pretend That Race For Senate is Close

Progressive public radio writes this article as if there wasn't a 10 point deficit to consider as flipping this seat looks more an more unlikely now that the national DNC has pretty much admitted defeat.

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Trump And The Economy Start To Define The Race For Kansas' U.S. Senate Seat

TOPEKA, Kansas - It's little surprise that the candidates for Kansas' open U.S. Senate seat sharply disagree on taxes, trade, immigration and climate change. What's unclear is who voters will most agree with in November: Republican U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall or Democratic state Sen. Barbara Bollier.


Anonymous said...

Babs is toast. Her shot doesn’t fly here and won’t
fly in other parts of the state. What happened to her lips?

Bandit said...

Probably got obliterated when she was shooting her mouth off. 😏

Anonymous said...

Babs just wants to get elected so she can get in a three way with Diane Feinstein and Sharice Davids.Sew some lips on yourself Babs for Godsake!

Anonymous said...

At let get come tattooed on or something. Geez!

Anonymous said...

Kansas was an ocean thousands of years ago, long before man was polluting and will be again no matter what we do or don't do. Climate change is a constant we have next to zero control over. So let's stop arguing about that stupid subject. Liberals love throwing it around for some unknown reason. Guess their just idiots.

Anonymous said...

This gun control, abortion loving former Rino cum democrap has no chance in hell. The good news for me is I'm no longer stuck with her as my State Senator.