Friday, September 11, 2020

Kansas Debates Continued COVID Crisis

Despite a rising number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths . . . There's also a political component to this decision along with major economic fears. Here's a glimpse at Fall in the Sunflower State . . . Read more:

State Council to decide on emergency COVID-19 declaration

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A mostly Republican state council is scheduled to decide Friday whether to extend an emergency declaration signed by Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Kelly ordered the declaration to allow the state to provide services in response to the pandemic.


Anonymous said...

There are far too many fraudulant positive tests to continue with the partial lockdown of businesses, churches and schools. It's time to litteraly UNMASK the fraud and bullshit. People that are healthy that get the virus aren't hospitalized and they aren't dying. They're sick for about 3-5 days and it's no worse than Influenza.

Anonymous said...

who knows what to believe these days.

but corona is not nothing for some of the people who get it.

Anonymous said...

masks save lives.

to a certain extent.

that's been shown.

Anonymous said...

covid is now basically the common cold virus, the tests prove it, none of them test for covid, they test for corona virus which is a common cold virus.

The death rate is lower than the flu.

The ave age of alleged deaths is over 80 years old. The CDC admits that at least 94% of those deaths have other comorbidities.

Over 40% of alleged deaths were in nursing homes in 4 states where they intentionally housed positive cases in nursing homes - NY, Mich, New Jersey and Penn - all dem states, who also by the way banned HCQ while at the same time hoarding it for there prisons and govmt officials. .

Hear about all the deaths in africa where healthcare is almost non-existent...NO. In Africa you can get HCQ over the counter.

Anyone still buying into this politicized mania is brainwashed by the lackey msm.

The real conspiracy is believing politicians and the media will not lie to push their agenda.