Friday, September 25, 2020

Kansas COVID-19 Cases Continue To Spike

Red state politics aren't protecting people in the stix, here' a peek at Col. Sanders delivering a dire warning for those who are tempted to play chicken with the pandemic.


Kansas COVID-19 cases jump by 1,300-plus with rural spikes

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas reported Friday that it had more than 1,300 new coronavirus cases over two days, and most of the biggest spikes over the past two weeks occurred in rural counties in the central and western parts of the state.


Anonymous said...

Yet less people are dying...weird.

Anonymous said...

Ok time to crank up the fear again!!

Anonymous said...

A positive PCR test without any corresponding symptoms ought not be counted as a Covid-19 case. Can we at least have that much?

Tony Tenpenny said...

Hey, me again. Posting from beyond like Herman Cain.

Treat it like a hoax like me, and end up sick and/or dead.

Like me.

Anonymous said...

Why is Colonel Sanders wearing a white jacket?

Is he in the middle of fileting chickens at Tyson's ?

Anonymous said...

Pure horseshit.

He can scare people with the peak numbers all he wants the truth is once you look at the averages it's nowhere near what he's saying.

Spiking in rural areas? More horseshit. I'm looking at the numbers on the KDHE site, there were only 60 new cases in all the counties West of Salina and Wichita, Johnson county alone had more cases than that.

While the case rate is supposedly spiking, the death rate is tanking. Daily numbers are in the single digits with several no death days.

Anonymous said...

This fucking guy is a BOOB. He’s a political operative of Granny and will also be run.

Anonymous said...

Taken as a percentage of the population and it's practically nothing. 99.75% of them will recover. Stuff the panic BS up your ass. The media is guilty of scaring hell out of us

Anonymous said...


Cock a doodle do!
My granny has lost all clues,
We're in so deep and have lied so much,
We don't know what to do!!!