Kansas City Westport Ale House Outbreak

Weekend COVID report has a great many people concerned . . . We'll talk more about this in the morning but for right now here's the best report:

COVID-19 outbreak linked to Westport Ale House, KCMO Health Department says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - At least seven employees and two patrons at a Westport bar have tested positive within the last month for COVID-19, according to the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department. The health department announced Friday evening that it has been investigating an outbreak at the Westport Ale House , 4128 Broadway Blvd., since Wednesday after receiving complaints about mask and capacity violations.


  1. Come out of hiding mayor and shut down Westport

  2. ^^^^^^^^^


    Shut down westport and might as well roll away Midtown!

  3. Ale House Management Owners have been covering up employees having COVID and allowed them to work without testing negative so they could stay open and have enough employees to operate. They won't cooperate because the truth will be discovered and they'll be shut down.

  4. ^^^^^^^

    They are not wrong. Ale House feels like they are too big to fail.

  5. Ale House is not the only bar in this situation. I know people in the service industry that are working after testing positive, or working sick but not getting tested. Places that never stopped for a second when an employee tested positive and never suggested other employees test. It's an industry in which employees are living check to check and making less than ever. They're broke and they're scared and some of them are sick.

  6. Ah, And where is the dicksmack that said All Boomers should die and "younger and Hipper" crowd doesn't get Covid ? Must be so sick that he can't type from mum's basement. Not to worry as there are plenty of you mama tit hangers. Your Mum is boomer dude. She is your sole lifeline.


  7. The political COVID is going to be pushed harder the closer to election time it gets. I don't drink and I won't involve myself with people who drink, but to publish the names and go after business owners and put them in a bad light with no proof and want to shut them down when the COVID cases are down and the statistics go back and forth daily is a tragedy. I hope this explodes in the faces of people who are nothing more than out to get business owners that have been part of this community and have supported this city for years all because of a political agenda.

  8. I'm with the real fun teetotaler at 6:56. Keep those bars a hoppin! We non-drinkers cannot abide drinkers and don't give a shit who dies.

    Let's see, bars or dead people. Hmmm Well, Alex, I'll take dead people for $600.


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