Kansas City TV News Stands Up And Has A Cow In Support Of First Amendment

An interesting development and online declaration . . . Not so long ago, the newspaper once championed free speech, now TV newsies are leading the charge for freedom of the press and public access . . . Read more:

KCTV5 joins group in supporting better transparency in reporting slaughter houses, livestock

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV/AP) -- KCTV5 along with 17 other national media organizations are arguing that the First Amendment protects the taking of photographs and making of video and audio recordings. In January, a federal judge ruled that provisions in a Kansas law ban the secret filming at slaughterhouses and other livestock facilities unconstitutionally criminalize free speech.


  1. As long as MSM gets to brand what is fake news and what is real news, what is hate speech and what is not, who is a journalist and who isn't, what is racist and what is woke... sure, they support the First Amendment.

  2. Not the medias right to have access - private property bitches...so their land, their rules. It is the governments right to access, and they do through USDA FSIS inspectors. Sorry, you'll have to get your scoop elsewhere..

  3. It's been many years since I sat in a constitutional law class but my guess is that the judge's ruling criticizes the taking of photographs as a matter of criminal law.

    This is a bad law. The farm owner shouldn't be relying on a law that criminalizes unauthorized cameras or other means of surveillance. Instead, civil law provides all of the protections needed by the farm owner. Only the owner can decide who does or does not photograph farm property. Unauthorized photographs are torts and civil law does a pretty good job of providing a remedy for such.

  4. Wonder how many upskirt videos the judge has on his phone and hard drive?

  5. ^^I bet as many child-porn videos as you do.

  6. ^^A pedo would know.

  7. ^^says the pedo who would know if a pedo knows.


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