Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Kansas City Tuesday News Hike

Right now 24-year-old hottie and celeb spawn Ireland inspires this peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines as we bounce back into the news day.
Kansas City Jobs Coming Soon

FedEx Ground will hire 300 for in Kansas City's Northland Park

by: FOX 4 Newsroom Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - FedEx Ground will begin operations next month out of a new 548,500-square-foot large package distribution center within Kansas City's Northland Park. The new distribution center at 4029 N. Pleasant Ave.

Head Check In The Dotte

KCK Public Schools provides teachers with mental health support

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools officials instituted a 24-hour care line to offer mental health support to students and staff. The care line is one of several efforts under way to help employees throughout the coronavirus pandemic. KCKPS Director of Student Services Lisa M.

Kansas City Voter Win Today

Hundreds line up for Chiefs voter registration and food giveaway at Truman Sports Complex

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of people are getting free food and registering to vote at a special event organized by the Kansas City Chiefs and several community groups. The Chiefs have placed a priority on voter registration efforts. The team wants to make sure as many people as possible exercise their right to vote.

Hottie Hygiene Promo Debuts

Ireland Baldwin Hikes Up Dress By Highway For Tampon Reveal

It's worth remembering that comments on Ireland's Instagram can very much go either way. The model, this summer slammed for her green tea-reccing "period bloat" rant, was, however, supported by her followers here. A fan calling the post "awesome" said that "these kind of ads make me actually want to but the products."

Yet Another Debate Preview

Biden and Trump prepare for a debate that could turn personal

Inside the map room of the White House, a small group of advisers sat around a table and peppered the President with accusations and criticisms about everything from lying to incompetence. The team, led by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, was getting Donald Trump prepared for the onslaught they expect from Joe Biden on the debate stage Tuesday night.

Democratic Party Plays Hide & Seek With Newsies

Kamala Harris doesn't take questions after speech ripping Trump's Supreme Court push

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris faced renewed scrutiny for her lack of press availability on Monday after she abruptly exited the stage after a speech in North Carolina in which she criticized President Trump's bid to fill a Supreme Court seat before the election.

More Cash Coming Soon?!?!

Democrats' revised stimulus bill pushes for $600 in extra weekly unemployment through January

Democrats are continuing their push to restore $600 a week in enhanced unemployment benefits, under a revised legislative proposal intended to juice the pandemic-challenged economy. The modified $2.2 trillion HEROES Act - a $3 trillion version cleared the Democrat-controlled House in May - was unveiled Monday.


Trump, Biden Are Potential 'Super Agers' Whose Age Is 'Not Relevant' To Election, Study Finds

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are likely to stay in good health for the duration of the next presidential term and may be "super agers" who will significantly outlive other men their age, a new study projects, undercutting criticisms about the septuagenarians' age and mental fitness that have plagued both candidates on the campaign trail.

Tech Car Commercial Imagines Mars Survival Mission

Elon Musk says humans need to move to Mars as Sun will one day engulf Earth

ELON Musk has reiterated his call for humanity to become an "interplanetary species" in order to save itself from extinction. The billionaire, who founded US rocket firm SpaceX, was a guest on the podcast " Sway" on Monday, where he warned that mankind must populate Mars to avoid the destruction of Earth as it is engulfed by the Sun.

Po-Po Fights Rising Beat Downs Amid Coronavirus

Rose Brooks, KCPD and court system teaming up to assist victims of domestic violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rose Brooks is teaming up with law enforcement and the court system to create change, the new plan to help domestic violence victims was launched on Monday. The plan was developed over the past three years thanks to a grant from the city.

Midday Sweet Review

Celeste Gant dishes on her life and upcoming cupcake flavors at KC Cupcake Co. in KCK

Celeste Gant at KC Cupcake Co. // Photo courtesy of Celeste. The owner and founder of Kansas City Cupcake Co. Cafe in downtown Kansas City Kansas, Celeste Gant knows a thing or two about sweet treats. Celeste tells about her experience owning a small business and when she learned to start baking.

Kansas City Pumpkin Spice Weather Forecast Redux

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Calmer and cooler weather for your Chiefs Monday. High temperatures today will stay in the middle 60s with a 20% chance for an isolated, light shower this evening.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm refreshed.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Odds are Brokeahontas has a MAGAT MELTDOWN tonight during the debate. I mean, come on. The guy is $440M+ in debt and will be in Federal prison soon. Vote him out! Lock him up!

Anonymous said...

demosleazeball scammer Senile Joe Bidet wearing an earpiece for tonite's debate..so he can repeat the answers his non-senile advisors give him..

Anonymous said...

^^Dementia Donnie wearing a diaper so he literally shit himself while he figuratively shits the bed.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs food give away good, buying votes bad.

Similar to those who paying thousands of felons fines for the right to vote reinstatement. Who do think these folks are inclined to vote for? Answer: the politics of whoever is giving the freebies. AND freebies for votes is notorious from the ......... Party. Goes back to why they closed the bars on election day, same thing except on steroids.

Anonymous said...

^^@ 2:38..Do you even know the difference between a tax return and a company's financials (P&L, Assets, Depreciation). A tax return says NOTHING about solvency of a company or assets or profits/losses. You stink of desperation.

Anonymous said...

stock market down today --as Democrat Billionaire donors/controllers dumping stocks..knowing that President Trump will kick Biden's ass..hurting the election chances of their lackey Senile Joe.

Anonymous said...

Another Hollywood weirdo, bleeding into her underwear and we are all supposed to five her a standing ovation.

Liberals literally stink.

Anonymous said...

The chiefs have to coax people out with food to register to vote. I thought it was about suppression and oppression I guess it's still about the freebies and the chiefs pandering.

Remember lives matter if you have to put a color in front of that them you are a RACIST. Right Quinton Lucas and Pat Mahomes. LOL Pat Mahomes mother is so stupid she can't even see her own son hates her. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Chiefs are supporting ballot harvesting with free giveaways.

Clark Hunt has sold out veterans and long-time Chiefs fans.

What a fake and hypocrite all these years pretending he cared about veterans and the City of Kansas City.

The guy is all about $ money and has not invested a dime in the Kansas City Community.

Hunt's family has taken $500 million plus over the years in property tax funds that should have gone to clean water systems, roads, transportation, KCMO schools, law enforcement, EMT services and public infrastructure.

The elites like Clark Hunt and other NFL owners are selling out our country.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Agreed.

Anonymous said...

Is this cupcake owner a black women? We don't buy from blacks. Only their black lives matter and I'm not only offended that she has the guts to open in OP but that she thinks any decent white person would support her. Very Offensive. She really needs to be with her own kind after all that's what she wants isn't it.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo!! Drove over the fresh Democrat BLM "mural" on Briarcliff today.. TOTALLY obliterated with fresh, deep, dark burnout skid marks!!! The burner(s) did an even better job than the prior burnouts!! Awesome job!

Proud to be a Northlander Republican! Keep that Hate Whitey BLM bullshit over there in Democrap Jackson County!!

Anonymous said...

NFL television ratings across the board are down 10% from last year.

NFL ratings will get worse as the season progresses as teams with losing records will have totally turned off their fan base both politically and sports wise.

Chiefs are fortunate they have the best and most exciting team in their history which should keep their ratings from falling too much.

The rest of the NFL is screwed.

With fans cooped up in their homes due to the Pandemic, NFL ratings should be breaking records instead of its t.v. ratings declining 10%.

Anonymous said...

Actually NFL television ratings are worse than reported for the fact 70,000 hometown fans who would normally watch the game at the Stadium are not at the games and should be watching the games on t.v.

Given on any given Sunday; 2 million additional fans should be watching the game on t.v. because they are not at the stadium makes the t.v. ratings look even worse.

Anonymous said...


Damn good point.

Also, nice wheels on the hottie. Thank you Tk.

Anonymous said...


Ireland Bladwin, daughter of Kim Basinger and uber-liberal Alec Baldwin, is the child that Baldwin repeatedly abused as a child.

Alec Baldwin, darling of NYC progressives, was recorded on tape calling his young daughter a "disgusting pig" while abusing her.