Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Kansas City Tuesday Early News Look

Right now pr0n hottie Siri inspires this quick glimpse at pop culture, community news and top headlines . . .


Local experts give advice on allergies vs. COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Labor Day marks the unofficial start of fall, a perfect time to take in nature without getting soaked in sweat. A time to stop and smell the roses, unless you have allergies. "It's a tough time of the year," Overland Park resident Robert Mintz said.

Local Faith Community Offers Human Trafficking Help

ReHope Market reopens, helps survivors of sex trafficking

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An organization in the Kansas City area that aids those exploited by sex trafficking has regained an avenue to provide service to those in need. Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, a faith-based, long-term residential care facility, reopened its ReHope Market and Cafe on Saturday.

Safety Dance

Health officials urge people to get flu vaccine during pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Health officials are reminding people to get a flu shot to avoid a double impact of flu and coronavirus. The effects on a person with both influenza and COVID-19 are not known, but Julie Richards with Swope Health said both viruses mimic each other.

Pr0n Star Stands Up For Social Media Smut Game Rules

Porn Star Siri Dahl Says OnlyFans Was 'Built, Popularized By Sex Workers'

Porn star Siri Dahl has opened up about her fears regarding OnlyFans constantly changing its terms and conditions Like Bella Thorne, she is one of the top earners on the platform The adult star admitted that she fears OnlyFans will eventually ban adult content on its platform Porn star Siri Dahl, famously known as Siri, admitted she is worried about OnlyFans constantly changing the terms and conditions of the subscription platform, fearing that it will eventually lead to a ban on adult content.

Check Duce Coming Soon???

Second stimulus check: When the IRS might send a new direct payment and who could get it first

Is there a chance that a second stimulus check could be sent out this year? Negotiators didn't make much headway to pass a new stimulus bill in the past month. But the Senate will reconvene this week and the House of Representatives returns next week, renewing hope that the two sides may come back to the table to finalize another direct payment.

Factions Fight It Out

Proud Boys clash with fight BLM protesters after 'cruise caravan'

At least two Trump supporters were arrested in Salem, Oregon, at the end of a procession from near Portland The Trump supporters fired paintballs at Black Lives Matter counter-protesters and were led away by police The rally had begun on Monday afternoon to show Oregon's continued support for the president

Prez Trump Contradiction?!?!

Trump Rips Into U.S. Military Leaders But Insists Soldiers Love Him

Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, reported last week that Trump refused to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery during a trip to France in 2018 because it is "filled with losers," according to four sources described as having firsthand knowledge of the discussion; the Associated Press, CNN and Fox News later corroborated the story with administration sources.

Nasty Comments Denied

John Bolton denies claim Trump disparaged fallen American soldiers in France: 'Simply false'

Former national security adviser John Bolton disputed the main thesis of The Atlantic's recent report alleging that President Trump disparaged fallen American soldiers in France, calling the claim "simply false" in an appearance on "The Story" Monday.

Sharing Nice Local Lesson

Local couple raises money to supply thousands of kids in rural districts with water bottles

LEAWOOD, Kan. - A couple in Leawood is working to make sure students in rural areas have reusable water bottles when they head back to school. Kody Cook and Cortney Eidson grew up in a small community south of Kansas City and always wanted to do something to help rural parts of the region.

Here’s How Kansas City Hottie Lost TV Game Show Love

The Bachelor: Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell's Relationship & Breakup Explained

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis left together at the end of season 18 of The Bachelor, but broke up just 7 months later. Here's why they split. Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis left together at the end of season 18 of The Bachelor but broke up only 7 months later.

Sugar Rush Hits Midtown

In Kansas City's Westport Neighborhood, Creative Culture Offers Elaborate Milkshakes With a Side of Arts and Crafts

Creative Culture opened in Westport this summer, billing itself as a safe place for people to get out of the house with friends or family and go create. Encouraging creativity for all ages and skills levels, Creative Culture offers a private party room along with a variety of workshops taught by local artists.

Local Cool Down

A front is stalling which will create big weather forecast questions

Temperatures split on this Labor Day with highs in the 90s south of I-70 and near 80 north of I-70 Storms develop late this evening and overnight near the Missouri and Iowa border A strong cold front and slow-moving disturbance brings several days of rain and much colder temperatures Tuesday through Friday KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Tonight: A few thunderstorms may develop, mostly staying in northern Missouri.

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Anonymous said...

Not really that hard to believe that Trump talks trash.

Anonymous said...

"Trump Rips Into U.S. Military Leaders But Insists Soldiers Love Him"

Of course the soldiers love an obnoxious draft-dodging codger who calls them suckers and losers and are thrilled to have him as their commander-in-chief.

Anonymous said...

^^^ typical gay ass response, shouldn’t you be on the back of a trash truck by now.

Anonymous said...


We did the brave and honorable thing of getting rural students cheap Chinese made a dime a dozen plastic water bottles to country kids who we think won’t survive without one..... these are the same kids who have animals to feed, fences to fix, help harvest the crops and can cook for themselves, these kids could survive off of the land by age ten and look at me, we got-’em plastic water bottles! How brave and important we are! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

And with a "Bang", Siri blew up! Bigly!!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Obama, but now the Democrats have become the party of lies, lawlessness, abortion (even after the baby is born), violence destroying once great American cities, high taxes on our paychecks, weak military, open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense, defunding the police, sanctuary cities and more idiotic ideas. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Name calling @6:48? That's the best response you have? Typical!
Meanwhile, in the Real World, in every poll taken among active Military Personnel (anonymously, of course) in the last three years, his highest approval rating has been under 40%, with the latest ones indicating a drop below 30%.

Cutting care provided to Military Families by Executive Order last year didn't seem to help his popularity with the troops much. Neither did the fact that finds needed to fix barracks roofs and patch on-Base Streets were diverted to be spent re-working the existing Walls on the Mexican Border.

And the cuts made in VA Health Care funding might have hurt him just a bit too - ask a Vet, they'll be happy to give you their opinion!

Anonymous said...

7:51: Thanks for sharing this boring tripe once again. I never tire of reading it as I just love repeated cut-and-paste jobs.

Anonymous said...

8:00: Hey, they're suckers and losers. What do they expect? Respect?

Bandit said...

Atlantic Editor Concedes Central Claim Of Trump Hit Piece Could Be Wrong… (ON the Communist News Network)


Anonymous said...

Do you know people who are dead and alive both are receiving notices that they test positive for COVID? These people have not even taken the COVID test, especially the dead ones.

Anonymous said...

The dead ones will be registered to vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

And yet, Baby Burt, the only part of the article he's conceding is that the weather may indeed have prevented the helicopter from flying to the cemetery. Operative word: may.) Weird. It's common knowledge that Trump holds the military and military service in low regard, coming from a long line of draft dodgers himself.

Bandit said...

And Hitlery Clinton won the popular vote but the Russians stole the election. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

*munches popcorn from an undisclosed location no longer in KC* 😏

Anonymous said...

Get used to it. The Democrats and their media buttboys are going to gin up a steady stream of made up scandals from anonymous but "in the know" informants from now until November 3. All lies, but that doesn't bother them; they got rid of that annoying sense of shame long ago. The Democratic politicians will pretend to believe the media and the media will pretend to believe the Democratic politicians. Don't believe any of it without solid evidence from other than a political hack or a swamp creature.

The sniffer said...

6:56 is correct. This brave family of Social Justice Warriors took time off from BLM marching to provide cheap water bottles to self sufficient kids who know how to take care of themselves better than these Leawood idiots with the stupid toothy smiles. Johnson County lefty/libs at work.

Charles Whitman said...

I was in the Marines fot 30 years, and I worked as a civilian for the USMC for 5 years.
I only know of 1 person who will vote for Biden over Trump. It isn't that everyone loves Trump; everyone dislikes Biden and dislikes Trump less.

Anonymous said...

"*munches popcorn from an undisclosed location no longer in KC*"

Glad you're gone. And, since you don't live here anymore, your contributions are now irrelevant. So you can save yourself a lot off time and effort and stop commenting.

Bandit said...

This won't come back to haunt the token black vagina Cameltoe Ferraro.

Kamala Harris is ‘proud’ of alleged rapist Jacob Blake and gushes over his ‘incredible family’ (which apparently includes a virulently anti-Semitic dad) [video]


Anonymous said...

^^^^Gee, Baby Burt, you're getting pretty good at ad hominem. Is Fox News offering a new online course? And 10:03: He's not gone--he just got moved from a Section 8 in KC to one in Raytown, which is why he was out of commission yesterday.

Bandit said...



Anonymous said...

I see the Obama bot has posted in another thread.

Here's my take on Trump and him disparaging dead service members. Lots of Trumptards in this thread so help me out. Should I believe a guy who:
ran Casinos into the ground
routinely didn't pay contractors
declared bankruptcy multiple times
can no longer operate charities because he and his family were stealing from a charity
routinely has provably told lies
has a former press secretary who literally made up a story about rank and file FBI being happy the former Director was gone, come out and say she never heard him make these comments
has had none of the senior military leadership or his former Chief of Staff, who he made comments directly to, come out and refute the story (they only refuse to comment).
has never made a disparaging comment with respect to Russian bounties, just that he didn't believe the report
can't be convinced that Russia and Putin were behind the poisoning of a Russian journalist who was anti-Putin

I'd like to hear your case Trumptards. I'm sure you have a good one, like, Fake News, the media is out to get Trump, etc. Please, tell me you have more than that? Or maybe you have some good strong ad hominem arguments?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, FWIW, I have personally had rank and file tell me they are glad Comey is out.

Bolton has already refuted.

Atlantic is backpedaling.

Really, there are two narratives out there and I doubt either is 100%. And you should too.

Anonymous said...

Read much? Bolton denied the silly, anonymously sourced hit piece.

Anonymous said...

So weak. It's funny.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you can't see transparent bias--that is tacitly acknowledged by these organizations--then the issue is your blind acceptance of whatever the media says as long as it's anti-Trump.

I mean, it's been the topic of scholarly study, with Harvard confirming an overwhelmingly anti-Trump bias in the media. Not to mention the endless stream of retraction, adjustments, and so on. This latest hit piece is just the latest example.

But really, if it's not obvious to you as it is to most rational observation, then there is likely no help for you because all you want or need to hear is Orange Man Bad. Good work.

Anonymous said...

As swiss cheese lol

Bandit said...

It's so nice that the libtard yellow journalists have identified themselves Dan Rather style. Just keep believing the propaganda to be true and you'll be as irrelevant as he is.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Bolton wasn't around when Trump made his comments or did the guy spend 24x7 with Trump? Nah, couldn't be that. Bolton, who btw, according to Trump is just lying about everything else and is disgruntled, is straight up on this little nugget. Should I expect a Trump tweet at some point saying something to this effect?

11:30 - same argument could be made about you, right? A transparent bias that Trump, can never and will never do wrong. Right? He's never lied or misled?

So that's what we're going with. Bolton is now the truth?

Bandit said...

Dan Rather broadcast an explosive report on the Air National Guard service of President George W. Bush. It was supposed to be the legendary newsman’s finest hour. Instead, it blew up in his face, tarnishing his career forever and casting a dark cloud of doubt and suspicion over his reporting—and that of every other journalist on the case.

They are now an asterisk to a historical footnote. 😆

Anonymous said...

No problem, 11:36, as long as I'm not as irrelevant as you.

Bandit said...

https://www.theblaze.com/news/las-angeles-mayor-hike-thermostat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

It’s almost 3 p.m. Time to turn off major appliances, set the thermostat to 78 degrees (or use a fan instead), turn… https://t.co/Cl1Kf8pXd1
— MayorOfLA (@MayorOfLA)1599429116.0

"Socialism sucks. With Biden-Harris, this train wreck of an energy policy is coming to your state too. Their new slogan: if you want to live without air conditioning—vote Democrat," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said.

"This is a daily ritual in Somalia, Venezuela, Cuba, every socialist s***hole in the world. Thank you, @TheDemocrats," actor James Woods responded.

"We pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, and what we receive for those tax dollars are riots condoned by the city, and an insufficient energy grid to deal with the super-unpredictable fact that it gets f***ing hot in summer in CA," Ben Shapiro fired back.

"Nothing says 'I'm a failed Mayor' quite like this tweet," comedian Tim Young replied.

"Just showed this warning to my wife. She's a recent immigrant from a third world country. The look on her face was priceless when she realized that California, a major first world economic powerhouse, couldn't keep the power on any better than the country she just left," another person said.

"Warning to all America. This is what decades of Democrat leadership brings. By the way, right now California politicians like Kamala Harris aren't working on a fix. They are just trying to figure out how to blame Trump," another person said.

"Here's what a highly regulated, government dictated energy system gets you... weakness, failure and danger," acting Deputy Director of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli said.

"D**n. I thought this was a parody tweet at first. No wonder ppl are leaving CA in droves. Yikes," another person responded.

Anonymous said...

^^Boring Russian propaganda

Anonymous said...

Trump may not be perfect, but he's a better choice than Biden.

Bandit said...

Once again the Demonrats have put forth an inferior, politically expired, unlikable candidate but this time it's Trump's fault. 😏

Anonymous said...

^^Didn't read, can't read.

Anonymous said...

"Trump may not be perfect, but he's a better choice than Biden."

Amazing. You managed to use the words "Trump" and "perfect" in the same sentence, and that's weird!

Anonymous said...

8:00 the military was giving Bush very high approval ratings throughout the Iraq war.

Anonymous said...

You're getting all excited and confusing yourself. It's really simple, and you provide a teachable example of a strawman argument. You sound upset.

I'll help you. Not only is the Atlantic qualifying their anonymously sourced story, even a guy who hates Trump and was there on the occasion denies it happened. See? I know you are in a life-defining quest to get Trump with something, but this just doesn't wash. Sorry.

Strawman: Your assertion that I would support Trump no matter what. I don't. He's lied, like all politicians do. See how that works? Now you have no argument. I wouldn't support Trump unquestioningly, bug you're clearly motivated with irrational bias.

Next stop, because you're predictable: "Yes you are a Trump supporter! Blah, blah."

You aren't very good at this.

Anonymous said...

See? You just hate Trump. That's not even an argument. It's an animus.

Anonymous said...

"In 2003 and 2004, supporters of the war in Iraq pointed to high approval ratings in the Military Times Poll as a signal that military members were behind President Bush’s the president’s policy."

Anonymous said...

most americans were suckers for Colin powell wagging around a little vial of powdered sugar.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. The weirdo agrees that Trump is a better choice than Biden!

Bandit said...

The party that consistently bitches and moans about rich old white guys dragged out the oldest, richest (because of his shady son and China), nearly dead, white guy from their bench. They threw token Cameltoe Ferraro on the ticket to prove that he's not racist and as a sap to blm. He needed a black vagina. She was the shortest straw and dimmest bulb.

Hiden/Ferraro 2020! YAY! 🤣

Anonymous said...

I'm Bandit, herp derp, Demonrats I say, all of you. Socialists and anarchists, herp derp. Hiden Biden, haha, herp derp.

Old schtick bandit, old schtick.

Anonymous said...

The 'all politicians lie' argument is by far my favorite argument to justify Trump's incessant, in your face lies.

Anyone catch that sugar booger that accidentally got away from Trump yesterday. Someone needs to chop up the adderall a little better.

Anonymous said...

12:51: And yet you called Bolton a liar when you didn't agree with him. Weird. Both ways much??? Consistency much???

Bandit said...

Antifa showed up to attack Seattle Police – who start blasting country music and ambushed them pic.twitter.com/qshi6wgIT6

— Consensus Result Poso (@JackPosobiec) September 8, 2020


Anonymous said...

I see you haven't learned our little lesson about the strawman.

I never said Bolton lied about anything. Unfortunately for you, that's your whole argument.

The lesson is that it's risky in an argument to assume things. ;)

Anonymous said...

See there's your psychosis in action. It was meant as a statement of fact, not as a justification for anything.

But in your weird baby-mind, all phenomena in the universe are either pro-Trump or anti-Trump. That's how crazy you are.;)

Bandit said...

Rochester is FUCKED! 😆 Let it friggin burn! Who are they gonna call? Social Workers? 🤣

Rochester police chief, entire command staff retire suddenly following protests in death of Daniel Prude


Bandit said...

"As a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character," he said in a statement. "The members of the Rochester Police Department and the Greater Rochester Community know my reputation and know what I stand for."

That's the polite way of saying, "Fuck this place for stabbing me in the back and fuck you. I don't need this shit. I'm outta here!"