Saturday, September 26, 2020

Kansas City Taxpayers Subsidize Toy Train Streetcar And Developers

Just a quick fact check for close readers . . . Public transit advocates often claim that people outside of "The TDD" don't pay for the streetcar. This link provides PROOF that clam is FALSE and the effort not only raises local taxes but impacts RISING WATER BILLS across the metro.

Take a look:

KC Water to upgrade infrastructure along Main Street ahead of Streetcar expansion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A major project from the Kansas City Water Department is coming to Main Street and is expected to take two years to complete. Next month, KC Water will begin replacing and relocating its century-old water and sewer mains along Main Street from Pershing Road down to East 51st Street and Brookside Boulevard.


Bandit said...

Another I TOL'YA SO Kansas Shitty! Your dime not mine!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the City took 8 years to install updated street lights in Santa Fe neighborhood after PIAC approved the improvements in 2010. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

The KC council solution has always been to raise taxes. Increases coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Have they figured out how to get the streetcar up the hills south of Pershing and north of Cleaver?

If you look on the Manufacturer's website, you will find that their technology only works on a 3% or less gradient, and a look at the other places that have installed this technology reveals that they all share very flat terrain.

Be prepared for the next crisis in this ongoing sage, all the streetcars themselves, and probably all the installed track, are going to have to be replaced with something that can climb a hill.