Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kansas City Talks 'Rent Strike' Redux

Here's a reasonable but still worthwhile conversation about the growing discord betwixt small biz entrepreneurs and the growing contingent of locals who are demanding free stuff as the coronavirus economy collapses


COVID-19 Continues to Put Tenant-Landlord Relationships Under Microscope, Say Kansas City Retail Webinar Panelists

KANSAS CITY, MO. - The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to highlight the importance of strong tenant-landlord relationships, particularly in the retail sector. Tyler Enders, co-owner of local Kansas City shop Made in KC, works with roughly 10 different landlords and has experienced a variety of different approaches to the COVID-19 conversation.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad discussion for retail tenants. However, landlords only need to be as creative as they have to until they have a rent-paying tenant lined up. In the right locations, tenants are two and three deep. I have a small strip mall with a lot of turnover this year, but no problem finding tenants. I've had an insurance agent and a tax preparer go kaput, but my new nail and hair salons are filling up the parking lot. I have a local election official paying double rent through March, and that person isn't even occupying the building. Just a sign. I've let five tenants out of leases since February, all due to COVID-19. I've had no problems with the tenants and all have been thankful for no litigation, etc. I have one tenant doing changing from reselling retail to a boutique that is already getting attention for handmade and retro clothing, purses, and accessories. You just have to be in the right area.

Charlie Horse said...

You sound like a good land lord. Wasn't sure there were any in KC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have a spot In your strip mall for 9ine Ultra lounge?

phaedras said...

To be clear, it's the covidiots and their lock downs that are the real issue, not covid itself.

Anonymous said...

That photo shows such great art that it should be on streets throughout all of KCMO.
The city needs to come up with another $12,000 from the taxpayers.
Another chance for Lucas to pander and make empty promises and maybe even get on national TV!

Anonymous said...

Where is that Ragggety Raj skank? She will set those evil landlords straight.