Sunday, September 27, 2020

Kansas City Sunday News Look

For our Sunday morning we're inspired by classic Kelly Brook as we review pop culture, community news and top headlines.


Kansas City Voting Explained

Everything you need to know about voting in Kansas City-key dates and helpful resources for Kansas and Missouri

November 3 is right around the corner, but between devastating wildfires, continuing Black Lives Matter protests and the COVID-19 pandemic it's the last thing on many people's minds. Never fear, we at Kansas City magazine has put together a guide of helpful resources, key dates and important websites so that you can cast your ballot in this important election.

College Life Continues

How to be social while social distancing

For many students, college is a time for meeting new people, trying new things and finding yourself. But this has changed in the coronavirus era, where restrictions to keep campuses open have shut down a lot of the normal parts of college life. At Rockhurst, the search for ways to still be social while keeping...

Game Plan Revealed

How the Kansas City Chiefs can beat the Baltimore Ravens

When talking about the upcoming game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs, it's common to hear about the second coming of Brady-Manning. I do not think that serves this matchup enough credit. Tom Brady was the GOAT, sure, and Peyton Manning without injury problems is probably unbeatable.

Kelly Talks Curves

Kelly Brook vows to drop a dress size

Kelly Brook looked radiant on Tuesday as she made a glamorous exit from her work at Heart Radio after revealing she has gained weight during lockdown. It comes as the presenter, 40, vowed to drop a dress size after having some 'pounds creep back on' during the pandemic.

Supreme Fight Starts Soon

Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings start Oct. 12

Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearings will begin Monday, Oct. 12, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Saturday night. Graham announced the hearings schedule a mere four hours after her nomination was made public by the president in a Rose Garden ceremony.

Criminal Record Sparks Fear

Progressive activists are wary over criminal justice under a Biden-Harris administration

They spent the summer on the frontlines of a historic protest movement against police violence. But many young criminal justice activists leading the charge for police reform won't be enthusiastically casting their ballots for the Democratic presidential ticket in November.

Shake It Off

Trump, Biden will not shake hands at first debate due to COVID-19

President Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden will not shake hands at their first debate next week in Ohio due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, campaign

Speaker Corrected

Gayle King scolds Nancy Pelosi for calling Trump's allies 'henchmen'

Nancy Pelosi appeared on CBS This Morning on Friday to speak to Gayle King Pelosi, discussing the Supreme Court battle, said Trump defied the Constitution She said the president 'and his henchmen are a danger to our democracy' King questioned Pelosi's use of the term 'henchmen', but Pelosi was unabashed Gayle King has chastised Nancy Pelosi for calling Donald Trump's allies 'henchmen', telling the Speaker that it was 'insulting' and unhelpful.

COVID-19 Spike Cont'd

COVID-19 Daily Cases On The Rise In Nearly Half Of U.S. States

The number of new daily coronavirus infections in the U.S. continued to rise this past week, driven by upward trends in nearly half the states that have pushed total cases in the country past 7 million. At the same time, a recent study suggests the vast majority of Americans haven't been exposed, far below what's required to quell the virus's spread through "herd immunity."

Banking On Baseball

Commemorative coin will honor 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues

An exciting announcement was made Saturday at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. A commemorative coin is being minted in honor of the Negro Leagues' centennial celebration, and the money it raises could help secure the future of the museum built in its honor.

Kansas City Royals FAIL Again

Red-hot Mondesi can't carry Royals alone, they lose 4-3

In case you hadn't heard, Alex Gordon is retiring after tomorrow's baseball game. The Royals have done a couple neat things to honor him with the little time they have left with him on the team.

September Cools Down

Rainy Sunday, significant temperature drop

Saturday was the 39th 90 degree temperature of the year. Don't expect to see that anymore the rest of the year as significant changes are on the way for Sunday. We'll start out milder but a few showers and storms develop early with even some smaller hail possible later in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

so trump will finally be forced to debate a man in public? he's only done it a few times and Jeb Bush doesn't really count.

Bandit said...

The handwriting is on the wall Demonrats. Fortunately you people are too arrogant and, frankly, STUPID to read what it says. Fun as hell to watch though. Keep up the good work! You are driving people away from the Demonrat party like you are hookers with Herpes! 😏


— Simply Sarati (@SimplySarati) September 25, 2020

Blacks for Trump and Law enforcement

— Daniel Dembinsky (@DanielDembinsk2) September 24, 2020

44 Days left and #LatinosForTrump are ready to ensure President Trump wins Arizona!

Let’s do this!#FourMoreYears

— Jeremiah Cota ~ #FourMoreYears #SchoolChoice (@jeremiahcota) September 19, 2020

Latinas GET IT DONE!

These amazing women came into our Latinos for Trump office and made:
4,000 calls for 4 more years!#LatinosForTrump #LeadRight #CactusCavalry

— Helder Toste (@HTosteGOP) September 25, 2020

P.S. I TOL' YA SO!!!

Charlie Horse said...

A commemorative coin is being minted in honor of the Negro Leagues' centennial celebration? The price will be the ending homicide number at midnight 1/01/2021.

Why doesn't KC do the same to pay our debts? Whose picture should be on the front of the coin?

Anonymous said...

^ ^ Lulz

Anonymous said...

Trump is ordering that the US Mint produce a commemorative coin honoring his TWO NOBEL PEACE prizes!
Of course, he hasn't won any Nobel Peace Prizes, (unlike Obama), but he has been nominated twice (matching Stalin's record) so that's just as good!

After all, being nominated twice is just as valid as...
a) being sent to a disciplinary Military High School equals a tour in Viet Nam,
b) or performing routine maintenance on 500 miles of existing fencing equates to building an Wall along the entire Mexican Border,
c) or ordering 3,000 troops sent home from Afghanistan while sending 8,000 to Oman equals ending the War,
d) or refusing to accept the Presidential Salary while charging the Taxpayers 352 times that amount for expenses stemming from spending 1/3 of his days in Office at his own Golf Courses.

So he DESERVES a commemorative coin!
Doesn't he?

Bandit said...

Hollywood Celebrities Attack Amy Coney Barrett: ‘Stepford Wife’ ‘We Are So F**ked’ ‘RBG Turning in Her Grave’

The libtard meltdown continues LMMFAO!

Anonymous said...

Good for Gayle King calling out Nancy Pelosi for referring to President Trumps cabinet as "henchmen".

Nancy Pelosi is not good for America.

Tearing up the President's speech on national t.v. after his State of the Union address was the most unprofessional act by any politician. She acted like a 2 year old and obviously is not fit to serve as Speaker of the House.

The Media and Democrat Party is trying to divide the races as their only alternative to win the election. Totally despicable. Don't fall for it.

Continue to embrace and communicate with your friends of all ethnicities.

We are ALL Americans.

Anonymous said...

Even Trumps Platinum Plan for Blacks admits that Blacks have been treated unfairlt by US Society.

Though black Americans have traditionally been shut out of opportunities to grow our own businesses and create generational wealth, President Trump is working hard to give us access to the American Dream,” K. Carl Smith, Black Voices for Trump advisory board member, said.

Anonymous said...

@9:21 will the coin have the Horses' head on the other side?

Anonymous said...

I will honor the Negro Leagues coin as much as BLM honors society and white people. I miss seeing Buck O'Neil on TV and in the news, but to hell with the museum. If BLM wants to erase history, I saw we start with the Negro Leagues museum, since that represents a time in history when negroes were segregated. See how that works? Weird.