Friday, September 18, 2020

Kansas City Star Demands Hate Crime Charges Against Youngster

Given the violent nature of the crime in question, outcry for justice is understandable . . . However, the call for juvenile prosecution isn’t always echoed by this faltering local publication. Check the link tease with more provocation behind the paywall:

Metal pipe. Knife. Racial slurs. A hate crime is a crime. Even for juvenile offenders

The scar on the left side of her face is healing, but Neveah Thomas, 11, of Kansas City, Kansas, is taking her recovery from an alleged assault one day at a time. "I'm doing OK today," Neveah said Wednesday during an interview with The Star Editorial Board.


Anonymous said...

but, if the roles were reversed, and a black boy beat up a White girl for taunting him.."My White is beautiful" ..

Democraps would be lauding the boy as a proud SJW hero.

Anonymous said...

He is a child and must be treated as’s the law.

Anonymous said...

Check this out :

Anonymous said...

if both were a little bit older years wise she'd kicked his ass up and down the street - seen it before. you catch a black girl at the wrong time you'll simply lose.

Anonymous said...

Koloreds are all talk.... unless they have a gun. You still have better odds of shooting them first because they can’t aim worth a fuck!

Why do you think so many houses get hit! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Very sinister.