Kansas City Small Biz Devastated By Coronavirus Desperate Seeking Rent Relief

Pandemic harsh times continue to impact the local economy, here's one more reminder . . . Read more:

Some small businesses ask for rent relief to survive

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Small businesses make up the fabric of many communities, and some owners tell 41 Action News they don't know if they can make it much longer without more financial relief. "Right now, I'm just trying to make it to 30 years in business," said Josephine Burkholder, the owner of Hot Spot Tanning Salon in Waldo.


  1. The dems won't be satisfied until only amazon, walmart, target, lowes n McDonald's are left.

  2. In this case the landlords should oblige because if they don’t, the tenant moves out and nobody is moving back in, thanks to mayor dumbass and his worthless sidekick the fake dr Rex archer. They created this whole mess with their stupid freak out shut down.

    1. Maybe you didn't notice this is a nationwide problem?

  3. Oh the horror...a tanning salon is going under. Not sure this qualifies as the 'fabric of our community'..

  4. Have to agree with 10:52 - judging by what I see as touted as "leadership" in KC, we're too damned "tan" already!

  5. Health and medical studies consistently show that tanning booths are harmful to people's long term health. I don't use them, and can't understand why anyone would. There is special tax treatment that penalizes certain tanning business expenses. So here, again we have different groups of government spending our tax money to both encourage and discourage the same activities!

    Just like urban renewal. One group at city hall promotes (over-simplified) razing old buildings, which host older, run-down, lower cost housing. While another group in city hall and the community wrings their hands about how to create more low cost housing for the poor.

    We're the government and we're here to help you.

  6. Small business do not have any right to be in business. If market conditions become unfavorable, as they have during Covid, then business will need to redirect their business investments into more profitable ventures. I am happy for Amazon and Walmart because they offer products at much lower prices than many of these greedy small business are willing to offer.

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