Thursday, September 17, 2020

Kansas City Seyz Goodye To The Buzz

Lazlo is defiant via social media as the last remaining fans of terrestrial radio lament inevitable change . . . Checkit:

96.5 the Buzz rebranding means the end of an era for alternative music in Kansas City, fans say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This week marks the end of an era for Kansas City radio. Radio station 96.5 the Buzz was officially rebranded by owner Entercom to Alt 96.5. As part of the rebranding effort, local morning show host Jordin Silver has been replaced by KROQ's "Stryker and Klein" from California.


Anonymous said...

The local radio scene really changed when 61 Country (610am) became the Wolf. It was by far the most popular station in KC and its signal reached a couple of hundred miles in every direction. Whatever happened to that station?

Charlie Horse said...

Maybe Lazlo and Slimfast will move in together and change to trans women?

Anonymous said...

I've gone from a casual listener that would tune into the Church of Lazlo on my 15 minute drive home a couple of weeks to never listening.

Why? I don't drive to work any more. I'd image my story is being replicated all over the radio dial and this pandemic has put a major blow to these stations' ratings.

I liked Church of Lazlo in moderation. Every once and a while - funny stuff. Every day would get a bit old.

good luck on their next step - hopefully they get traction in new markets and online.

Anonymous said...

This station would probably still exist if that dumbass Afentra wouldn't have lost them 1 Million+ dollars due to being a dumbass

Anonymous said...

Bye bye now

Anonymous said...

9:45 WDAF flipped to country music in February 1977, calling itself "61 Country." Although Kansas City had several country stations, WDAF programmed its country music in an uptempo way, as if it were Top 40. Taft Broadcasting owned it until 1987 when a hostile takeover put it under Great American Communications ownership.

David Lawrence was the morning personality, not a jock he had a cume, the total number of persons listening of over 35,000 at 5am, a number only Johnny Dare has even gotten close too.