Thursday, September 10, 2020

Kansas City Seyz Adiós, La Migra?!?!

Progressive campaign outlet laments cutbacks to local immigration authorities that help process workers and keep families intact . . . Here's a look at one aspect of their advocacy:

Immigration agency cuts of 800 Kansas City jobs expected to trigger backlogs, delays nationwide | Kansas Reflector

WASHINGTON - Members of Congress from the Kansas City region scored a victory last month when a federal immigration agency backed off plans that would have led to thousands of layoffs of government employees in the metro area. But their relief was short lived, as the agency now intends to furlough 800 of its local [...]


Anonymous said...

give the jobs to black folks, not foreigners.

Anonymous said...

There was not enough business to pay operational costs. Unless the demand goes up, at long last the agency is the right size to handle the business flow, instead of a high cost welfare benefit for government workers.

The rest of the federal agencies should do the same.

Anonymous said...

11:08 for the win!!!
Funniest thing posted today!
Blacks and Jobs - hilarious!