Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Kansas City Secrets Exposed

Local newsies have been celebrating this book for a couple of weeks and the reviews have been universally supportive for this coffee table tome.

And so, we share another glowing review of this guide to local day trips and newfound info to bore friends before finally breaking down and talking about politics and/or having the courage to gossip about sex . . . Read more:

"Secret Kansas City" shares some of Northeast's hidden gems

Abby Hoover Managing Editor "Secret Kansas City: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure" by Anne Kniggendorf is a locals-only guide to a few of Kansas City's best kept secrets. "Most visitors know all about Kansas City's barbecue, jazz and football success, but there are hidden gems and wild pieces of trivia around every turn in Missouri's largest city," according to the book's description.

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Anonymous said...

Northeast is one of the best places in KC and no past city administration has given that much thought. Instead they have let it run down and let outsiders come in with their shady plans and have turned some of those historic mansions on Gladstone Blvd. into meth houses compliments of California pimps and drug dealers. The flop houses really add a lot too. That place was and could be again a great area for tourists and B&B's Funny thing if you set one of those rat baits out in your yard or a tool it will be gone within seconds. Most workmen won't even take jobs in that area. Sad. But hey keep electing people like James and Lucas and the rest of the city will go down Oh I mean it already has hasn't it. The faster MAC company can restore the faster Lucas can take it down.