Saturday, September 26, 2020

Kansas City Scribe Shares Celeb Life

Really interesting glimpse into the reporting prowess and impressive connections of Kansas City's top entertainment writer.

Take a look:

An Über-Comprehensive List of All the Celebs I've Interviewed

Celebrities-they are just like us. They put their designer gold lamé pants on one leg at a time. Sure, they're typically famous and rich, but they're usually also delightfully neurotic. (Neurotically delightful?) In honor of my 25th year of interviewing famous people (yes, I started in high s


Clayton Bigsby said...

Scott Parks likes this.

Anonymous said...



db said...

Dead serious. Who is Michael Mackie? Never heard of the guy. Does he live in KC? What does he do? Why should I care?

Anonymous said...

Hearing his voice makes me pray for deafness