Friday, September 04, 2020

Kansas City Schools Count COVID

Insight into schools crunching pandemic numbers in their student population . . . Checkit:

KMBC Investigates: 31 KC-area school districts have already tracked COVID-19 cases

When a Kearney High School football coach tested positive for COVID-19 last month, the school's administration sent out a district-wide letter talking about potential exposure.The letter told the entire Kearney community when the coach started feeling symptoms, how fewer than three other coaches had "close contact," and how district officials believed no student-athletes had exposure to the virus, as defined by the U.S.


Anonymous said...

The model on the table look like a typical DST Systems client service rep who trades her body for promotions and big raises AND a job where she has little work and NO stress. Just a body hanging out waiting to be used on lunch hours, after work, and weekends. The executives were never lonely no matter how nerdy, introverted, backwards, blind and rude they were in real life.

Anonymous said...

I dated a girl from DST. I think the work there was so boring, accounting, that it drove them wild and made them horney for excitement. "Fun Lori" as I called her was always up for "anything and everything" (except animals). Wonder where she is now? Back in Nevada Missouri area or close to it was where she was from....small town girls!