Saturday, September 05, 2020

Kansas City Saturday News Layout

Right now 22-year-old hottie Maddy inspires this peek at pop culture, community news and some of the most important top headlines for the weekend.

Maybe Kansas City B-Ball Is The Answer After All

KCPD's community interaction officers work to build trust

The Kansas City Police Department says it is trying to build trust in the community. Community interaction officers are not necessarily the ones you see at crime scenes. In fact, their job is to intervene long before a situation escalates.Officer Richard Marquez with Metro Patrol said violent crime is a problem here.

Northeast Niceness Revealed

Steppin' Up

After hearing that Pendleton Arts Block resident Margarita Friedman, all 5 feet 2″ of her had started to personally to cut the grass on the North portion of Independence Plaza Park in preparation for the Tai Chi class she leads on Saturdays, Ambassadors with the Independence Avenue CID stepped up and filled in where the city's Parks Department dropped the ball.

Education Advocacy Continues In The Golden Ghetto

Many Olathe, Blue Valley parents happy about sports but still pushing for in-person learning

OLATHE, Kan. - High school athletes on the Kansas side of the metro will be taking to the courts and fields for the first time since the pandemic began. Olathe and Blue Valley school districts have both decided students can resume practices and competition for fall sports and activities.

Panty Promo Exposed

Madison Pettis Showcases Curves In Savage X Fenty Lingerie For Bedroom Photo Shoot

Madison Pettis took to Instagram to reveal that she's the newest celebrity ambassador for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty lingerie label. The Five Points star modeled a lingerie set from the brand in a series of steamy photos, which she shared with her 3.8 million followers on Wednesday, September 3.

Top Ranking Hip-Hop Convict Endorses Prez Trump

Convicted gang member and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine says he would vote for Trump in his first interview since being released from prison

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, gave his first post-prison interview to the New York Times. He said in the interview that he's regularly compared to President Donald Trump. He also said he'd vote for Trump in the upcoming presidential election, after asking Times reporter Joe Coscarelli if felons could vote.

Softballs Thrown At Biden

Reporters blasted for 'shamefully embarrassing' softball questions at rare Biden press conference

Reporters who were able to ask questions at Joe Biden's press conference Friday were torn apart by critics for failing to properly grill the Democratic presidential candidate.

Prez Trump History Of Talk About Troops Considered

Trump has repeatedly questioned why Americans who served in Vietnam went to war

President Donald Trump has repeatedly questioned why Americans who served in Vietnam went to war, according to someone who has heard him make the remarks.

American Civil Unrest Cont'd

Rochester police, Black Lives Matter protesters clash downtown at Daniel Prude demonstration

A peaceful protest began at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park at Manhattan Square in downtown Rochester at 6:30 p.m. Friday. After a few hours of speeches and prayer, including a speech from Daniel Prude's brother, Joe Prude, the group of hundreds began a march through the city - heading down East Avenue, to Alexander Street, to Monroe Avenue, down Chestnut Street.

Prez Trump Pushes Back Against PC Training

Trump orders stop to 'White privilege' diversity training in federal government

President Trump has ordered his administration to stop paying for so-called "critical race theory" diversity training in federal agencies, with a top official calling the sessions "un-American propaganda," The Washington Times has learned.

Local Game Show Winning

Local Photographer Ready To Compete (And Kick Butt) On American Ninja Warrior - In Kansas City

Photographer Amber Dawkins is a self-proclaimed lover of all things Kansas City. With her camera in tow, she spends her time shooting listings for real estate agents, freelancing for local magazines, and even photographing family and senior portraits in the metro's most recognizable parks and landmarks.

Kansas City Startup Scene Shares Secrets

Pitching your startup to investors is about more than selling an idea, says Pitch Perfect leader

Perfecting a startup pitch depends on a founder's ability to move beyond mere product knowledge and talk the investors' language, said Kathryn Golden. "The reality is investors aren't buying your product; they're not customers," explained Golden, programs director at the Enterprise Center in Johnson County.

Katie Calls Hotness

Saturday will be hot, humid


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Local Cinema Tribute Debuts

"42" playing at Union Station in honor of late actor Chadwick Boseman

Union Station and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will present "42", starring Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson in this true story of an American Legend on Union Station's Extreme Screen Theatre September 4 through 10. In 1946, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford), legendary manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, defies major league baseball's notorious color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) to the team.

Kangaroo Science Succeeds

UMKC receives significant STEM funding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The National Science Foundation awarded the University of Missouri-Kansas City $100,000 to support the Integrating STEM Education Research Collaboration for Regional Prosperity. The conference is designed to support researchers in science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM) as they collaborate to identify challenges, create opportunities and solutions to impact and educate [...]

NextGen Cleans Up KC

Neighborhood hires youth to clean up community, hopes to lower crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council is hiring part-time help to clean up their community. The money mostly comes from a COMBAT grant at a rate of $8.60 an hour and they're looking for young members of the community. There's room for about ten people to be a part of this program.

Offering Local Solo Activities

One Tank Trips: Enjoy a horseback ride on Big River Ranch's trails

LEXINGTON, Mo. - Saddle up for a horseback ride and fun adventure at Big River Ranch, which also offers camping and other lodging along with events at the 2,000-acre family-owned and operated ranch located an hour's drive east of the Kansas City area.

Music Man Donation Resonates

Metro music store taking extra steps to help schools get COVID-free instruments

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As some students are returning to school, one of the most challenging classes for educators to figure out how to do safely in the pandemic is band. Whether it's for in-person classes or virtual education, parents are still at Kansas City-area music stores like B.A.C.

Kansas City Pupper Tech Provides Virtual Community

Kansas City man creates app for dog owners to form their pack

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kwinton Scarborough became a dog parent two years ago and has loved every minute of it. Just about every day, you see Scarborough and his 2-year-old German shepherd named Ruffy at a dog park in Kansas City, Missouri. Scarborough is as much a people person as he is a dog person.

Plaza Clings To Glory

New championship flags fly in KC, Plaza statues sport Chiefs jerseys

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We are just one week away from the kick off of the NFL season, including the Chiefs home opener! You may start to notice a lot of red and yellow around town, including new Chiefs flags on the Country Club Plaza celebrating the Super Bowl champions.

Home Team Continues To Struggle Amid Harsh Times

White Sox down Royals, 7-4

If their performance against the Royals this year is any indication, the Chicago White Sox are going to be a big, big nuisance in the AL Central for quite awhile. The White Sox' offense continued to mash, something they've done all year, and they beat the Royals 7-4 on Friday night.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I don't think the whole "sleepy Joe" thing is working. People like sleep, want more and never get enough of it. Sleep is a good thing.

Hide'n Biden is much better.

If they transition to something more catchy, then maybe Trump might have a better chance of recruiting some voters who don't just cling to his balls.

Anonymous said...

President Trump is far from the only person who has wondered why Americans were sent to war in Viet Nam. Although he is the first person to get blamed by the libs for asking.

Anonymous said...

"Trump has repeatedly questioned why Americans who served in Vietnam went to war"

1:52: If you read the statement, he isn't questioning why the country went to war, he's questioning why those who were drafted went to war. Maybe it's because not everyone had an obliging doctor who would diagnose them with "bonespurs," and they played by the rules, those suckers and losers!

Anonymous said...

the so-called "Greatest Generation" drafted working-class kids and shipped them off to their worthless war in Nam..

then shit on the vets that made it back home.

Anonymous said...

whatever made-up shit about President trumps comments.. his administration is taking great care of Vets today...vast improvement over Barry.

Anonymous said...

I have been sitting on the fence about Biden until recently taking note of his diminishing cognitive capacities. Age, health and stress can hasten this loss, this is not an indictment of the man just an observation.

I firmly believe he is no longer qualified as a proper candidate. Yes as alternative to Trump, he may be a winning candidate but will not last his term of office. The rumor of Kamala Harris becoming President sometime after the election is indeed plausible. Unfortunately I find her too radical in her support of BLM, criminals and chaos.

Anonymous said...

His mind at this point is gone. Could not field a off script question.

Anonymous said...

"an off script"

Anonymous said...

SCREW THE VIETNAM WAR. My dad went, and he lost a foot and a hand. He believes he was a fool to go because they lied to us about the war. And the VA never provided him decent treatment. That's why neuroscience us for going into the the fxcking military...the wars are endless ducking conflicts to keep the elite rich. The people who go ARE fools...not everyone who loses their legs gets to be a senator like Duckworth...that was just to make the rubes think they reach the top! Saps!

Anonymous said...

to get away from all the BLM BS..thought I'd turn on a good ol' Tennis match..

oh shit..even there! Serena and another big black ox blasting away ..sheesh!

Anonymous said...

2:07: Any alternative to Trump would be an improvement, and that includes inanimate objects.

Anonymous said...

1:28 That's what Bill Clinton should have done. Instead after he got his notice to report, he spent a lot of time and effort pulling political strings to get into ROTC for the first time as a grad student (nearly unheard of), and then simply leaving the country, thereby deferring his draft status until he got a good draft number. Clinton's flaw was he went to politicians for help instead of to a doctor. But it eventually did work and he did avoid getting drafted. Trump was simply more efficient than Bubba.

Anonymous said...

Katie Horner looks HOT!

President Bone Spurs said...

Every person in the military is a loser and sucker. That's why I never served.

Anonymous said...

So, Biden, then. Lol

Anonymous said...

Already debunked. Poor libs.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet it's not only not been debunked, it's been confirmed. Weird. Bonespurs, from a family noted for avoiding military service, Boney just followed the family tradition.

Anonymous said...

Biden will be elected, and he will be the second President, as far as we know, to die in office due to complications of syphilis. The first being Woodrow Wilson.