Monday, September 28, 2020

Kansas City Royals 'Legend' Alex Gordon Picks Equally Overrated Pizza For Last Meal

Check a bit of sponsored content at the K that's worth a peek if only to realize that grocery store fare has improved by leaps and bounds and might save savvy readers at least 30 bucks of local takout options.

Smell all of the hype here that's not going into the quality of the food:

Minsky's Delivers - To Royals and Alex Gordon!

Minsky's Makes Special Delivery to Kansas City Royals on Alex Gordon's Last Day! During a widely viewed press conference interview last Thursday, Royals outfielder Alex Gordon discussed what a three-time All Star, seven-time Gold Glover with two World Series seasons and a World Series championship ring intends to do on his last day of work: "Probably Minsky's pizza on the last day of the year ...

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Anonymous said...

Grocery store pizza compared to Minsky's? You are high, Tony. Call me when Price Chopper does a BBQ brisket pizza.