The season is not mostly a wash and there hasn't been any real progress on rebuilding despite a great deal of hype in celebration of new management.

Take a look:

White Sox sweep Royals with 8-2 win

On the heels of five consecutive losses, the Royals wrapped up their 10-game season series with the White Sox Sunday. Despite a handful of chances to break through offensively in the early innings, Kansas City was swept by the first place South Siders, 8-2.


Anonymous said…
People do not like politics mixed with entertainment.

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- More than 80% of Green Bay Packers season-ticket holders opted out this year, according to team president Mark Murphy.

Anonymous said…
NFL, NBA, MLB, BLM. Fuck the lot of them.

They had no idea how good they had it!! These elite athletes are carried around on a purple pillow starting in grade school. Then they spit in the face of the people, country and system that has afforded them wealth and privilege beyond most peoples wildest dreams.

Paper or plastic? Would you like hot sauce or ranch? Welcome to life you spoiled fucking pussies. You bit the hand that fed.

God I hope this mindset sticks with people. Think of all the other things that could be done with the time, money and effort that people expend in support of professional sports and the ungrateful bastards that play them.
Anonymous said…
I could care less about any sports anymore.
They are losing fans by the thousands. Now,they can go get a job flipping burgers. I hope they enjoyed it while it lasted m they blew it.
Anonymous said…
forget spectator sports.

we seem to be moving to participatory games, like the "Purge."

end times.