Kansas City Producing More Trash 2020

Blame the pandemic, increasingly divisive political rhetoric, the schools, video games or decline of the American family . . . Either way, this town is quickly turning into an even bigger dump.

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Kansas City's Trash Volume is Up 20% from 2019

The numbers are in: Kansas City residents discarded 25,725 tons of waste from May to July, a year-over-year increase of 5,000 tons. Add Kansas City to the list of places where the COVID-19 pandemic is creating big changes in the trash mix.


  1. I can reduce my weekly residential trash load in half most times just by separating recyclable from garbage. Done it for years but won't anymore.
    Reason being is the recycle truck is every bit of a five ton machine and one day I get a notice saying the piece of cardboard is two big for their truck - can't take the cardboard.

    A five ton truck vs a ten sq. ft. piece of cardboard. Hmmm, seems easier these days just to throw it all away in the regular trash recyclable or not. Which is what I've been doing since the notice.

  2. ^^Wow. Good for you for being an irresponsible shit. You're why everyone hates old people!

  3. The thugs and gangsta wannabes deserve to live in filth. Isn't it great how well the refuse collection in Kansas City is going after the city takeover? Suckers!

  4. ^^Stop spamming Russian troll.

  5. you would think the logistics wizard Besos would be able to use his money to assist in recycling, everything from food containers, metals, to crappy plastic toys & furniture. Amazon suggests recycling your plastic amazon envelope, but you have to take of the label first. And the label is not easy to remove, cannot just peel it off, have to soak in water and scrap off, which i a sure everyone has the patience to do even if they have the time. Why does target seem to be main or only known place to recycle plastic bags, in their little it bitty receptacle that is always jammed full?

  6. A good part of that 20% is Baby Burt's used Depends.


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