Friday, September 04, 2020

Kansas City Po-Po Praise Tech & Spying After Arrest For Murder On The Paseo

In an era when police relations with the community are at an all time low . . . Local law enforcement send their love to the machines:

Police tracked suspect in Paseo homicide with surveillance, rental car info

The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office has announced charges in connection with the Aug. 30 fatal shooting of a Kansas City, Missouri, man.Authorities said Darryl Price, 38, has been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in connection with the weekend shooting of Andrew Dickie.Police said officers were originally called to a home in the 4900 block of The Paseo on a Shotspotter call after the program recorded sounds from two different firearms fired simultaneously in the area.


Bandit said...

They'd never catch me in my Trans Am!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Welcome back. Sorry, but I thought you were the dancing monkey in Cannonball Run. My bad.

It was quiet during you're, emmm, abstinence and we had some nice conversations just among us Americans. Very civil. We all hoped no animals were injured during your barnyard encounter.

Now dance li'l Bandit. Dance.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to realize we do not hire police to start fights but we sure don't hire them to loose any. Resist a cop and get hurt it's not the cops fault.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean 'your' and 'absence'.

Although judging by your illiterate post, some abstinence might be a good idea for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had MoRage look it over. He said it wuz fine a peace of writing as he ever scene.

Literate white guy said...

Funny. Smiled on that one.