Thursday, September 24, 2020

Kansas City Operation LeGend FAIL???

Local news gives voice to community complaints about a federal law enforcement crackdown that arrested hundreds and removed dozens of illegal weapons from local streets. Here's the discussion that's mostly political and has very little to do with the curbing violence on local streets.

Take a look:

Operation LeGend federal agents leave Kansas City, also leaving mixed reactions on its efficiency

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Whether Operation LeGend was worth it or not depends on who you ask. The goal is to reduce violent crime, and it seems community leaders still have different ideas on how to get there. The 200 federal agents sent to Kansas City for Operation LeGend , although they say their work in solving violent crime is not over.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the arrests they made but I really thought the purpose was to shoot hood rats and get them off the streets for good.

Anonymous said...

With the koloreds you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. They are masters of complaining about everything. You can’t help them and you can’t give them enough free shit, they are their own worst enemies..... after they blame whitey first that is.

Shaw is a race baiting two bit lawyer who is desperate for a quick payday, she wakes up everyday praying to god she can witness the police do something wrong so she can collect 60% of a wronged persons settlement. Make no bones about it, she’s here to collect, and she’ll do anything to get it.

Anonymous said...

^^dat way.

Anonymous said...

Blame democrats. Come in, pick mostly the low hanging fruit and get out. Claim victory. Crime continues.


Anonymous said...

They never caught the guy who shot up the Horseless Carriage at 16th and Minnesota, 6 shot, 1 dead, in the middle of a big party at a car dealership, hundreds present, hundreds of witnesses