Friday, September 18, 2020

Kansas City Memorial On Southwest Blvd

Daisy Martinez was only 20 years old when she was gunned down during an illicit Kansas City drag racing “sideshow” which garnered hundreds of people and blocked Southwest Blvd. 

Today there’s still an outpouring of sympathy at the site where she was killed. Mourners have left flowers, candles and other small tributes to her memory. 

Daisy is one of 144 victims of homicide so far in 2020. Kansas City is on pace to break a historic record for murders during the COVID-19 pandemic that locked town the city for months, put restrictions on businesses and heavily regulated movement of residents. 

The memorial and so many others like it will eventually disappear. Special thanks to thoughtful readers of this blog, who sent in this photo to mark the tragic occasion and continued, senseless slaughter on Kansas City streets. 

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