Kansas City Hot Dog Earns National Acclaim

It's unclear who decided that sauerkraut was this town's signature hot dog topping . . . But here's the local mention on this tubed meat list. Take a look:

Around the U.S. in 7 Hot Dogs

Don't let the lack of baseball games detur you from consuming your favorite ball-park frank. Enjoy hot dogs from around the U.S. this summer by trying your hand at the famous Chicago Dog or changing it up with Atlanta's creamy coleslaw dog.


Anonymous said…
I don't think a Hot Dog with Kraut, Mustard and Cheese is a KC exclusive.
Anonymous said…

Enough said!!!
Anonymous said…
Too much junk on top means you can't taste the dog. All beef Nathan's or Hebrew National with a sliver of mustard and maybe a touch of sweet relish is the way to go.
Anonymous said…
What's the difference between a regular hotdog and a "kosher" designated one?

Besides the price, the kosher hotdog was made in a factory where a rabbi gave a blessing.

Hebrew National hotdogs are made at the same Michigan plant as their parent company's (ConAgra Foods) Armour hotdogs.

Nathan's is a subsidiary company of Smithfield Foods, Inc.

Fooled again!
Anonymous said…
sauerkraut is one type of soul food we can do without.
Anonymous said…
1:29, not fooled at all. I've tried many brands, and Nathan's and Hebrew National top the list. Their ownership and location are irrelevant.