Sunday, September 20, 2020

Kansas City Hates Photogs

Update on a controversial municipal policy that's now enduring push back from small biz and families frustrated with the de facto tax on fresh air. Read more: 

'It's a public park!': Photographer upset KC Parks enforces permits

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A popular park in Kansas City is enforcing a photography permit, after they say they have been recently overrun with professional photographers. Signs at Loose Park now read, 'a city issued permit is required for Weddings and Photo Shoots in Loose Park." "It's not new.


Anonymous said...

It's just that....A public park that the taxpayers pay for. I could see it if it was a private property but it's not. To have someone pay for taking pictures in a PUBLIC area is a dictatorship on the city's part. Anyone who falls for this is an idiot. There are plenty of places to take even better pictures. Leave Kansas City and it's communists laws alone and go to Burr Oak in Blue Spring, or someplace else. There are plenty of other places even more fitting and more beautiful for pictures. UNBELIEVABLE.

Surrounded by idiots said...

I could see a charge by the hour if a wedding is planned in the rose garden or a birthday party is scheduled in a shelter house and it is reserved, but not for taking pictures of anything in a space paid for by tax dollars. What is impacted if a pair of people leaning against a tree for a picture. If there is no additional impact on the park it should be free, or charge all people to get into the park, then you will have a pristine unvisited park. KCMO government is so full of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Our taxes pad for the that parks maintenance. if you want to take a picture of what you paid for you have to pay again. Thank the democrats for this shit. Want more of this type crap vote Biden and the CCP will love you.

Super Dave said...

And who is going to enforce the law. Oh and it's a stupid law at that. The Parks Dept. in my opinion is starting to have too much say in how the city is ran.

Anonymous said...

using the park for profits is different than using the park for recreation.

it just is.

a photographer with an organized photo shoot changes the nature of the park. it just does. other visitors will clear away from their photo shoot area.

if photographer wants to take pictures unmolested than take pictures on property he owns.