Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Kansas City Hair Care Progress

Actually, this is an important bit of legislation that has earned surprising support across the aisle given support for workplace liberty and respect for individual rights.

Read more and accept the opportunity to think about policy issues from something better than a reactionary perspective . . . Given that limiting employer power over personal grooming benefits the working-class:

Kansas City Looks To Ban Discrimination Based On Hairstyle

Sandra Thornhill has been thinking about - and suffering for - her hair as long as she can remember. "Since I was a little girl...worried about my hair, getting burned by the hot comb to get it straightened out on a Sunday morning to be presentable," Thornhill says.


Anonymous said...

If that is her in the picture her hair looks pretty straight to me. What is she bitching about?

We all have to fix our hair to go to work, black people need to do the same. There are ways they can do their hair without a flat iron. They need to stop being lazy and do their hair it's disgusting when they walk around looking like a matted shag carpet. There are now safe Brazilian blowouts they can buy at the drugstore.

Really the best thing to do is stop hiring them. Let them go to people like Quinton Lucas for a job that way everyone stays safe from the nasty tricks they try to pull.

Charlie Horse said...

CROWN Act, which stands for Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair.

No, it should be the Crownh Act. You left off the H for hair. Use acronyms
correctly people!

Anonymous said...

The Kidd case...arecyou saying he had NOTHING to do with it? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Ever been around smelly dreads? Awful !

Anonymous said...

What does the word "hair" have to do with the hats Black Women have sewn onto their heads?

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know Maude. Did you ask them or too chicken shit?

Anonymous said...


Message = Black people are VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discrimination based on Hairstyle?
Is this a joke? Yes, it is a joke, but these people have taken the bait.

Michelle Watley, a former panelist on Ruckus, "advocates for Black women"...well, that sounds racist and discriminatory.

Council members Robinson and Parks-Shaw were already fully onboard the "Blacks Are Perma-Victims Train", and have now added a stop at the hair salon to their "I'm A Victim" tour.

Do you know who really discriminates against Black women? Black men!
Increasing numbers of Black men have rejected Black women as life partners, choosing instead to look outside their own race.
Black youth culture doesn't value Black women, seeing them as promiscuous sex objects to be used and abused (see: WAP video).

Black women have had the highest rate of both illegitimate births and abortions, among all races, for several decades. When you don't value yourself, others won't either.

Claiming you're being discriminated against because of your hair, is an obvious "grasping at straws" fabrication, by a group desperate to play another victim card, because that's how they self-identify. Being the victim is taking the easy way out. It's abandoning self-responsibility and self-reliance. It's purposely placing your fate in the hands of those you claim are oppressing you. Shame on White Liberal-dominated KCUR for promoting this sick ideology to the Black community.

Anonymous said...

^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this shit!

Anonymous said...

Once again blacks are playing victim to something that is a non-issue. What this really is another way for them to have a way to have groundless merits to file suit and make unfounded allegations to a prospective employer.

When blacks quit playing victim maybe people will show them the respect they so desperately say they want.

Anonymous said...

^^Once again lonely geezers are passing their days away crying and commenting about non-issues. What this really is another way for them to validate their sad existence.

When geezers find something productive to do with their failed lives, maybe people will show them the respect they so desperately say the deserve.

Anonymous said...

Define a hairstyle?

Black women hate their hair. Sorry but you were born with it same as any other person is born with super kinky tight curled hair. My mother had super curling hair and I mean curly stuff, but she always wore her hair in a style that was easy to maintain. Long as your hair is clean not a health hazard or a safety factor in the job you do all should be good. But if you show up with dried jizz from your lover in your dreadlocks that is an unacceptable look and smell of which there is nothing racists about it.

Hell I remember a time when men were sent home from their long hair being a safety factor around machinery or getting in their eyes. If you're a lathe operator you can't have hair like Fabio flying around all over the place, that shit has to be tied down and under a head covering of some sort.

The only real discrimination comes from those who think they are more special then everyone else and want to be allowed to act and look as only they want to.

Anonymous said...

^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this shit.

Anonymous said...

^^8:48 and 11:18 comments
Caret-top boy is flinging his shit again.
He tries to read every word of every post, but can't comprehend most of it.
Like the monkey at the zoo, he resorts to flinging his poo!

Anonymous said...

^So is what you're doing any different CHUD?

Anonymous said...

^^^^TL/DR written by a moron.

Anonymous said...

Look at some of the LiveLeak videos of workers getting pulled into machines by their hair!