Saturday, September 26, 2020

Kansas City Food Trucks On Hold

As this town copes with strict pandemic regulations, local foodies hoping to find new avenues for revnue are now stuck by regulatory red tape and typical bad service for small biz.


Jackson County not issuing temporary food permits for now, frustrating some businesses

RAYTOWN, Mo. - You're not going to be able to get a permit for food trucks and other temporary food pop-ups in Jackson County for now. It's due to a blanket ban on new permits that took effect earlier this month. Jackson County officials said it's related to stopping the spread of COVID-19.


Anonymous said...

Jackson County just doesn't want people making a living unless you're black then it's O.K. That's what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

Ok that’s a stupid typical tkc comment /\

My comment is- how does a food truck chef wash his hands with hot soapy water? Answer is, he doesn’t!

A bricks and mortar kitchen could NEVER get a business license or occupancy if it did not have a sink with hot running water.

sure his fingers and hands are filthy- but take a look at all the forearm tattoos on that food truck chef! !!

Karen Hedrick Pinter said...

First of all, they wear gloves and second what do tattoos have to do with being clean. That was a very nasty remark!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.