Saturday, September 12, 2020

Kansas City Driving Stays Winning

Quick reality check on the most convient way to get around town despite the protestations of Bike/Walk advocates who seek to thwart local autos at every turn, neighborhood street stoplight.


Kansas City, Wichita rank in top 25 best cities to drive in

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A recent study shows that Kansas City and Wichita are both ranked in the top 25 best cities to drive in. says it recently conducted a study of 2020′s Best and Worst Cities to Drive in, and Kansas City and Wichita have both been placed in the top 25 cities to drive in.


Anonymous said...

What they meant to say is we have excellent highways and stopping in kc is not needed, just keep right on going! Nothing to see here! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I can see the low congestion since there really isn’t any big business in downtown kc and with covid most people are working from home. It’s clear they are talking about highway infrastructure because the city streets are the worst they’ve evar been in the fifty years I’ve been driving. This is good news for people passing through knowing that the highways are good and less traveled to keep them from losing time heading to a much more desirable location say like the lake of the Ozarks or Branson.

Anonymous said...

Idiots got used to driving 80 m/h and now they wont slow down. Tailgating is common.

Anonymous said...

Until you get behind the asshole that has no earthly idea of where they're going or what lane they should be in to get there... wherever there is. Or the asshole lane drifter.

Anonymous said...

The feds take care of their stuff.