Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Kansas City Doesn't Count In 2020

For the early evening, local progressive news shares a theoretical debate over census numbers when it's clear that this town hasn't counted most of the illegal immigrant population for years . . . Sadly, that view is unpopular with both Republicans and the Democratic Party who enjoy cheap labor and numbers but sadly skimp on any obligations.

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With A Week To Go, Census Workers Say They Still Can't Get Into Some Kansas City Apartment Buildings

The 2020 Census, already hampered by political battles, a shortened timeline and a global pandemic, faces an additional hurdle in Kansas City as it enters its final week - census workers are being refused entry into multi-family buildings, potentially costing communities millions of dollars in federal funding.

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Anonymous said...

Have them meet at arrowhead for tailgating there seems to be no problem there.
You know the mayor's aka "communist dictator" picks and chooses who gets to make a living and who doesn't.