Thursday, September 03, 2020

Kansas City Docs Contradict CDC Over Coronavirus Testing Needs

Check this medical argument over science, politics and protocols . . . Read more:

Kansas City metro health experts urge testing despite new CDC guidelines

Public health experts in the Kansas City metro say local guidelines will continue to encourage those who have had close contact with infected people to get tested, one week after the CDC stunned many in the scientific community with its updated guidance for testing.


Bandit said...

Look Ma! No mask!

Make ya wonder exactly how necessary they are!

Anonymous said...

Just non-doctoring docs, damn bureaucrats!

Anonymous said...

Quack quack!

Bandit said...

hey, anybody know any other Russian websites I can get links from? Thanks! 🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous said...

So, maybe these local Fauci aficionados just want to cash in, too. When the medical industrial complex=big pharma & med equip suppliers sell more, those doctors' stock portfolios go "Ka-Ching!" Get bunches of the disposable PPE, y'all. Buy the US made Honeywell masks. Washable fabric masks may look cool, but they're robbing those IRAs.