Saturday, September 05, 2020

Kansas City Crime Scene: Mayor Q Talks Restorative Justice Amid Rising Violence

As KC suffers a historic spate of violence in 2020, here's a quick roundup of police action, reports of violence and court cases along with KCMO's top ranking elected officials sharing his theory on crime. Checkit:

Kansas City Mayor Shares Crime Forgiveness Approach

Moving from punishment to rehabilitation trickles down to save our community

As we asked what the city looks like moving forward, and how we fix some of the largest problems facing our community, we thought it prudent to ask the person most directly tasked with overcoming those pitfalls: Mayor Quinton Lucas.

Meth Burn Out In The Dotte

2 sentenced to 20 years in prison following KCK meth lab fire

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Two Kansas City, Kansas, men have been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison after a methamphetamine lab caught fire in 2017. The two men sentenced are Orlando Cortez-Nieto, 43, and Jesus Cervantes-Aguiler, 23. Both are from KCK.

Bad Hombres Busted

Father, son sentenced in death of disabled Missouri man

A Missouri father and son were sentenced Wednesday for their roles in the death of a developmentally disabled man whose body was found encased in concrete in 2017.Anthony Flores was sentenced to about 15 1/2 years in prison for failing to provide medical care for Carl DeBrodie, of Fulton, resulting in his death.

Local Creeper Charge

27-year-old local man charged with enticement or attempted enticement of child less than 15 years of age

BLUE SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) - Court records show the investigation started after Tristan J. Joyce approached a girl and her friends at a skatepark at the Burrus Old Mill Park off Woods Chapel Road in Blue Springs. He asked them their names and ages.

Show-Me Anti-Crime Help

Witness protection bill passes through Missouri legislature

A bill passed in the Missouri Legislature will help protect witnesses of violent crime. The bill creating a Pretrial Witness Protection Services Fund passed through the state Senate with a unanimous vote Wednesday. Witnesses are often key to getting violent offenders behind bars, but too many times, fear for their own safety takes over.

Teen Homicide Connection

19-year-old Lee Summit man arrested in connection to July murder in Leavenworth

LEAVENWORTH, KS (KCTV) - The Leavenworth Police Department announced Wednesday afternoon they have arrested a teenager in connection to a July murder. The Leavenworth Police Department said they have arrested a 19-year-old Lee Summit man in connection with the murder of Sanquan Brooks that took place on July 18, 2020 in Leavenworth.

Local Repair Crackdown

Missouri attorney general sues siding, roofing contractor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A housing contractor the 41 Action News Investigative Team first reported on in 2018 is now facing a new lawsuit from the state of Missouri. In the suit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Corey Wilcox is accused of taking money for various home repair projects, not doing the work and not providing a full refund to customers.

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Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter rioting in Rochester New York because a felon with 37 prior convictions was running down the street naked and the police placed a spit hood on him because he was spitting on officers.

These rioters are just using any excuse to destroy property and create anarchy to disrupt the November 2020 elections in support of the Communist Democrat Party and Joe Biden.

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Anonymous said...

Yes q, your plan and petersuckers plan has been working out so well hasn’t it, over 1500 murders have been committed since petersuckers “restorative justice plan” started when she was elected prosecutor in 2011, it makes perfect since for your personal liberal fag agenda against what the 492,000 citizens really want. You don’t have the power or the right to change the laws against what the people want.

We want law and order and too bad you won’t be around to finish your term as mayor. Buh and bye loser.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think if we pay every hood rat 300K in repetitions the murders would stop...or increase?

The black thug culture is a black problem, nothing to do with whty.

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Anonymous said...

The rate of recidivism is and has been very high. A prison stretch gives offenders a chance to reconsider their paths, but most often they don't. What Mayor Lucas is really proposing is to let the criminals go from felony crime to recidivism crime without the annoyance of a prison term in between.

Anonymous said...

Does qball think restorative justice will make his hair grow back! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Mayor McDrinkerson! What a great social justice guy you are! Do you know about the murders though?

Anonymous said...

Quinton. I am in favor of our approach as long as we still lock up the criminals. Can we convert the 18th and Vine District into a City Jail???

Anonymous said...

A sock puppet for president, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Donald for president.

Anonymous said...

He might want to get a handle on the actual violence before he starts trying to figure out how to give all these criminals a free pass. Oh, and by the way he clearly has no clue what true restorative justice is.

MAGA MAN said...

MAGA 2020, 2024, 2028