Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Kansas City COVID Virtually 'Back To School' Suffers Inevitable Tech Trouble

Predictable glitches of freebie software hamper the start of the school year for a great many locals . . . On the bright side and given the current home school renaissance thanks to the coronavirus crackdown, GOP Senator Hawley is finally making himself useful and pushing for a homeschooling tax credit for parents enduring pandemic harsh times.

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School districts across the metro have technical problems on first day of school

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) - Lee's Summit R-7 students in 4th grade and above started their year completely virtual. Things got off to a good start, then the school's secure internet went down. It's the same story across the metro for large districts.


Bandit said...

IT departments were asleep. Should have seen that coming.

Anonymous said...

^You don’t live here. Suck a dick.

Reality Speaker said...

Hell with you Tony. Hawley is a breath of fresh air after that totally useless corrupt bitch, Aire Claire.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the kcmo school curriculum isn't meant to teach anyway...no loss, going as intended.

Anonymous said...

Shawnee Mission School District is a complete Cluster F!
My oldest son's computer issued by the school was lacking software. Over the three day weekend he discovered it and he was told to come to the high school to get that fixed. When he got there they wouldn't let him in because he didn't have a mask.
The younger one tried to use it and got mess up on the class times/ sessions.
To make this worse today the football players ha a schedule meeting in the locker room to issue gear. On Mitte prior to the meeting they ,The School, shut it down.
Something is wrong with the educators in this System.