Kansas City COVID-19 Home Rehab Spikes

Everybody plays handyman amid the lock down and pandemic limits on social life . . . Here's a peek at the trend . . . Take a look:

How The Coronavirus Sparked An Unprecedented Home Improvement Boom In Kansas City

The sound of power tools is roaring in neighborhoods across the United States. In the Brookside neighborhood in central Kansas City, Mo., John Buhr has do-it-yourself projects going from the top of the garage to the basement. "As soon as COVID hit, we needed someplace the kids could play," Buhr says, noting that neighborhood parks were closed.


  1. I've been in some of the homes people have rehabbed and they have done some hideous things to the older homes. People who don't know what they are doing buy historic houses and then go in and make them contemporary, that's what us historic home owners hate about people who get their hands on these houses. If you want George Jetson then buy a contemporary to rehab.


  2. If you look at the Brooksider's picture of their backyard you will note:

    Brookside Marxist does not want a wall to secure our nation's borders.

    However, said Brookside Marxist has an 8 foot wall surrounding their backyard to secure their home and keep neighbors and bad guys out.

    Just like Hollywood celebrities, the Media and NFL Players, Marxist Democrats preach one thing but live their lives completely opposite.

    Dishonest Hypocrites and Frauds.

    1. Retard

      The wall is ineffective and would not work.costs way to much for a vanity project that would appease racists. Most undocumented immigrants come into the country legally.

      How are so many people so fucking stupid?

      And if you think the democrats are Marxists, you are completely politically ignorant. Marxism is leftism. The democrats have shifted so far to the right its absolutely insane. They're both the same party, the fourth branch of the government, performing political theater and destroying the planet as they tumble along. Why does Pelosi sign every trump military budget when Marxism is opposed to imperialism, if she was a Marxist? The answer is that you're probably a brain dead boomer who's iq is sub 70.

      Stop watching propaganda. Your family wants the old you back

  3. ^^^ Oh come now, @7:47!
    "Dishonest Hypocrites and Frauds"?
    They Can't ALL be Republicans!

    Unfortunately, Karen was a bit overdressed to attract the attention of Juan, the Pool Boy.

  5. Notice: a worker at Edgewood Manor in Raytown has tested positive positive for COVID! Is this the next death trap? Hopefully Tony will comment...it can be verified through the social worker there.

  6. Kansas City COVID-19 Home Rehab Spikes...Tackiness ensues.

  7. gotta blame it on the pandemic - this year alone i yanked out a 4 x 8 piece of dry rotted siding that had all the phone box and t.v. cables attached to and around it. it took twelve years to get it done. repainted the house this year, easy for me, yanked out the furnace motor and replaced that, replaced the hot water tank thermocoupler a few weeks back and rebuilt a pair of old wooden benches that were in the same shape as the rotten siding. Yep, blame it on the pandemic.

  8. Hope they pulled a permit for all that home improvement work...Q needs the permit revenue (now) and increased property tax base (future).


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