Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Kansas City Coffee Shops Serve Democracy

Posted only because most of these local places are going broke and desperately looking for some way to lure customers back . . . Check this volunteer note which imagines that people STILL paying 5 bucks for barista attitude haven't yet made up their minds about election 2020.


Kansas City Voters Can Get Their Ballots Notarized at Several Local Coffee Shops, Breweries and Caf├ęs

Curbside KC is bringing its curbside model to the ballot box. The website, which Open Belly founder Danielle Lehman launched earlier this year to help highlight local restaurants and bars pivoting to carryout service amid COVID-19, has launched a new initiative aimed at helping local voters get their mail-in ballots notarized.


Anonymous said...

And I wonder how many will end up in the trash like they just found in MN. MN had a nice little voting fraud going until it was busted the other day and guess who was behind it???? The terrorist Ilhan Omar. Mail in your ballot and you are just plain stupid.

KC said...

Ballots invalidated due to illegible signatures stained with espresso.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Omar is not a terrorist.

Do all white people belong to the KKK?

Of course not.

Retro ROCKER said...

It's good everybody should vote.But the Democrats will be TRUMPED AGAIN. HE HAS been telling about mail in voter,fraud for months. And the TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE GOING TO THE POLLS TO VOTE .THE Democrats have been telling people it is safe to vote by mail.On election night it will look like a TRUMP LANDSLIDE BECAUSE TRUMP VOTERS WENT TO THE POLLS .AND THEN the Democrats will say let's wait for the mail in,ballots. And that is when election problem's start. And the protesters will be deployed to City's nation wide. And the Supreme Court will declare TRUMP THE WINNER.

Anonymous said...

The very establishments the Dems are putting out of business with their Covid bullshit.