Sunday, September 27, 2020

Kansas City Coffee Sells Out

This link tease tells us all we need to know . . . Former cowtown coffee kingpins are now cashing out with an empty promise to keep their operations local as they make a hasty exit. The reality is that coronavirus has DECIMATED the creative class. Locals are now unable to afford expensive java and they unbriddled celebration of local hype is simply harder to sell.

Take a look:

Editor's Briefing: The Roasterie, Messenger Coffee sell, but don't sell out - Kansas City Business Journal

Fans of The Roasterie and its founder, Danny O'Neill, might have had a case of the jitters upon learning that the hometown coffee company has new ownership. After all, The Roasterie is the best-known local coffee company.


Bandit said...

Another I TOL'YA SO Kansas Shitty! Don't blame them, thank Q Ball!!

I told you early on that this playing politics crap with the panicdemic would drive businesses out of Kansas Shitty. Of course I was told that I was wrong. Now you see the truth. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if they relocated entirely. More will follow especially with the impending tax hikes, budget cuts and drops in levels of services. I left early one because of the losers and suckers in charge.

Tune in next time for another depressing episode of As the Tax Base Shrinks! 😏

Anonymous said...

Both Roasterie and Messenger coffee is highly average, and I am talking about the coffee, not the sugar loaded frap crap that most people get when going for 'coffee'.

Oh ya, almost forgot - Oneill is a homo.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit? Nobody wants his cream in their coffee except you.