Saturday, September 12, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Boo Birds Debated

Here's a cleaned up version of the local conversation but still a useful reminder that Kansas City football debate will persist.


Chiefs fans, local leaders react to booing during moment of unity

Kansas City Chiefs fans are getting national attention after Thursday night's season opener at Arrowhead. The Chiefs and the Texans held a moment of silence for unity before kickoff.


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

The players made their protest

The fans are entitled to their protest
Now just play the damn game

Anonymous said...

Enough said, no debate needed, move on.

Anonymous said...

Hey if they can shove their BS down our throats, we can protest too.


All lives splatter, don't care about your protest now play the damn game.

Anonymous said...

And Lucas still hasn’t apologized for calling white people racist for booing, it’s sad that he went all racist before he even knew what the booing was about and on top of that, everybody has the right to protest about anything they want, it’s not reserved only for blacks, demoncraps.


Anonymous said...

Most used words: The & Racist.

Anonymous said...


When professional athletes choose to become social commentators/critics on the field, fans have every right to bench them for unsportsmanlike conduct!!!

Anonymous said...

Fans paid good money to watch a game, not a bunch of crybaby millionaires protest on their employer's time.