Kansas City Art Institute Champions Diversity Despite Mostly White Student Population

This local artsy college has consistently been ranked as one of the "worst values" in higher education and the institutions recent dedication to sketchy PR announcements seems to confirm as much.


Kansas City Art Institute creates position to focus on diversity, inclusion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Over the summer, Americans put a spotlight on racial injustices. Companies pledged to make changes to be more inclusive and diverse. Now, the Kansas City Art Institute is taking its own steps to meet those goals.


  1. Well of course homosexuals champion diversity. All are welcome except police.

  2. ^^seems like you have dick on the mind. Faggot. Get yourself some Nancy-boy.

  3. Art Institute's changes effective immediately:

    1. Whitey is barred from all campus gathering places from the hours of 8am-4pm on days ending in "... day."

    2. Upon seeing a minority or an LGBTP, whitey must run toward and lick the shoes of said he, she, it, they, zim, or zir while begging forgiveness for their imagined wrongs.

    3. If whitey fails to follow these rules he or she will finish their degrees by attending only paint by number classes.

    4. Carry on.


  4. Yes Yes BLM don't they. Watch them burn up the country and kill people only to riot against there chosen ones. But hey it's O.K. for them to go out and kill others with no consequences. What the Kansas City Art Institute champions is racial division, hate and communism. They don't even know what BLM is all about, and they are supporting murder and violence. Some one has to be crazy to support the KC Art Institute.

  5. The "Director of Diversity" will be gone in a year. This place goes through HR Directors, CFOs and Admission Directors like the students go through vape juice.

  6. Already considered the Worst College in America, KCAI dives headlong into the Diversity Debacle. Lol. Good thing there are plenty of rich Jewi.... I mean, white kids whose parents can afford to send them there!

  7. I have seen enough of those fucking signs!

    Wasn't racist couple years ago.

    Now, those signs only serve to enforce my "care fucking less" about black lives.

    On an individual basis, black people I know, like or respect have NO COLOR.

    However, as a group Black Lives mean nothing to me.

  8. Bkack is the absence of color and light.

  9. And intelligence.

  10. Was never racist in my past but BLM has brought that to the table!

  11. White light is a combination of all colors in the color spectrum. It has all the colors of the rainbow. Combining primary colors of light like red, blue, and green creates secondary colors: yellow, cyan, and magenta. All other colors can be broken down into different combinations of the three primary colors.

    Black isn’t a color. Black indicates the total lack of light – whatever the material or object you’re looking at might have been.

  12. All people are black once the lights are turned off. But they still have different attitudes and the ones with a criminal and freeloader attitudes bring down our nation


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