Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Kangaroos Endorse Ethics Of Staying Home

City College considers distance learning and seems to prefer online options for second choice college life . . . Take a look:

The ethics of in-person classes

What are you willing to risk for a higher quality education? COVID-19's unprecedented and lasting effects present an ethical dilemma to the university administration: move all classes online, sacrificing the quality of education while ensuring minimal transmission of the coronavirus, or keep in-person classes, leaving the quality of education high while ensuring that students will be at risk of a potentially fatal infection.


Kamala for real president said...

"What are you willing to risk for a higher quality education?"

Uh, don't know, but do know UMKC isn't where to get it.

That new class on queers, trannys, racism and many other deviant life styles sure looks great though, if only mommy and daddy will cough up the dough. It may take 6 years to get a worthless degree due to time out for protests and street REPAINTING.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they would STILL make more money than you ever did. Weird.