Kangaroo Crime Expert Considers Mayor Q Police Reform Push

Check more insight an analysis into recent policy changes proposed by 12th & Oak. The worthwhile roundup might be too optimistic but offers an important overview of the controversial legislation . . . Read more:

Policing expert weighs in on Mayor Lucas's oversight measures for KCPD - University News |

A UMKC criminal justice professor believes Mayor Lucas's new oversight measures for KCPD are steps in the right direction, but that there is much more to be done. The measures, which were proposed amidst the unrest following George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police, are supposed to ensure transparency with the public, improve [...]


  1. While this UMKC criminal justice professor wasn't one of my teachers back in the day a couple of points he makes are good and the rest pure hogwash.

    "we are tired of waiting for change"

    Who is the we?

    The only ones I see complaining the most about police operations are the groups who leads the country in population numbers as the ones committing the most crime.

    I'd say 99% of those sitting in prison now hate law enforcement simply because LE is who caught them breaking the law which landed them there.

    When you have non law enforcement educated people making and demanding how law enforcement is done equates to letting grade school kids set up how and what they are to be taught in school. In short the kids would vote for lots of TV and recess and no classwork or homework.

    Lucas as a Mayor needs to start doing better himself before he can start demanding others to do better.

  2. Who said anybody from umkc or the current short timer acting as mayor have a logical thought in their empty heads?

  3. it's hard for an outsider to understand the particulars.

    rigorous discussion to put reforms in place, however, is clearly better than simplistic, radical reactions.

  4. I might add here that being an UMKC criminal justice professor does not make one a policing expert.

    Professors are in fact just teachers who profess special knowledge of an art, sport, or occupation requiring skill who are teaching students the fundamentals of the subject at hand.

    Remember it's professors who are shoving out into the world every year a large number of people who will struggle to find a job to support themselves for many years to come all the while probably paying off a huge student loan due to the over paid salary that said professor makes.


  5. George Floyd's death at the hands of the MN police????? Has Lucas seen all of the information on Floyd's death. Was Lucas there? NO HE Wasn't so for him to say his death was at the hands of the MN police is ignorance and Lucas is one ignorant person. Not saying the police treated Floyd in the right way but to accuse the police of murder before all evidence is out there is disgusting, and the evidence has been back and forth so many times and we get it by bias MSM.
    I have seen more than once the Kansas City police baby black people. What Lucas needs to work on is his racism and his stupidity.
    People need to get this guy out of Kansas City he's not stable.

  6. ^^Let us know when you are relevant for the first time in your failed life.

  7. ^^^^Better yet lets see you prove how relevant you are?

  8. ^^You responded to me. That's all I needed.


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