Sunday, September 20, 2020

Johnson County Denies Jail Birds Snail Mail

Here's a Golden Ghetto crackdown on the criminal class that also targets old school communication . . . Very much like politicos working the postman in order to garner votes. Checkit:

Johnson County Jail attracts lawsuit for withholding mail from inmates

On September 14, the Human Rights Defense Center, a Florida-based nonprofit that focuses on prisoner rights, filed a lawsuit against the Johnson County Board of Commissioners and the Johnson County sheriff, Calvin Hayden, accusing them of withholding mail sent to inmates at the New Century Adult Detention Center in Olathe.


KC said...

No prisoner needs a 2016 Excel book unless he's wanting to set up spreadsheets tracking daily cocaine deliveries. He needs the 2020 Stay Out of Jail Dummy book.

Anonymous said...

It's not a matter of what prisoners do or do not need. The issue is constitutional rights to receive safe mailed materials. You sound like a RBG liberal who is opposed to constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

^^^^It's called jail and tax payers pay for it so it isn't a dump sit for every publisher with a cause to send tons of crap to the inmates that takes up huge amounts of time to distribute that the guards should be using to monitor the inmates