Jeff Roe Splits Difference On 2020 Vote

Check our 2nd favorite old school KC columnist looking through his Rolodex (yes, he still uses one) and calling up a former local power player who has now moved on to bigger & better things . . . Read more:

Trump will beat Biden, but lose the popular vote, veteran GOP consultant says

Veteran GOP political consultant Jeff Roe says President Donald Trump is likely to win re-election - but will lose the popular vote against Joe Biden. Dave Helling of The Kansas City Star Editorial Board and John Holt of FOX4 News talked with Roe, who ran the campaign of former presidential candidate Ted Cruz, on this week's episode of "4Star Politics."


  1. He also picked Bob Hamilton to win Kansas Senate race. He picked Ted Cruz to be 2016 Republican candidate against Hillary. Loser big time! He knows how to pick 'em!!!!!! Wrong!

  2. For two years Trump has been repeating that this Election has been "rigged" and would be "the most crooked and corrupt in American History", so of course he's going to win the Electoral College vote - after all he has G. W. Bush's 2000 example to beat!


  3. yep...Prez trump ill again win the Electoral College, and lose the pop vote --basically due to the millions of illegals in Cali and other Blue state shitholes.

    It will be a hoot to hear the Dem losers whining about the Electoral College!!

    4 More Years!

  4. ^^and yet you won't because Trump gets crushed easily. Weird.

  5. If Hiden' Biden wins, the Chinese Communist wins. American worker paychecks will be taxed to the hilt to pay for socialist wet dreams. Can you see Biden negotiating with the Chinese? He'll rollover like a opposum playing dead.

  6. ^^Well get ready for that then Cletus. Everybody hates Trump.

  7. Biden’s malfunctionin’ noggin
    Is covered with terrifyin’ hair-pluggin’
    As his mind is glidin’
    Into the dark horizon
    And shouldn’t be presidin’.

  8. I voted for Obama, but now the Democrats have become the party of lies, lawlessness, abortion (even after the baby is born), violence destroying once great American cities, high taxes on our paychecks, weak military, open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense, defunding the police, sanctuary cities and more idiotic ideas. No thanks.

  9. 2:35 doesn't work at all, so he's not worried about his paycheck being taxed. Unweird.

  10. @2:19 And yet today the US Treasury Department sanctioned Andriy Derkach as an "active Russian Agent", who has been working closely with Rudy Giuliani and Senators Grassley and Johnson to supply them with edited and created information in support of the "Ukraine/Burisma Myth" Russia has created in order to interfere in this Election.

    And yesterday Microsoft announced it had detected and blocked Russian attempts to hack into over 200 Organizations linked to the Biden Campaign.
    Yet Trump Supporters continue to deride any mention of Russian interference in both the 2016 and 2020 Campaigns, despite all the evidence discovered by our own Government. And they try to deflect the blatant proof of the Trump/Russia link by claiming the existence of some already disproved and discredited links between Biden and China.

    Hell, Eric Trump himself said in a 2015 interview that Russia AND CHINA were the only credit sources left to the Trump Organization after its record of bankruptcies. What does Putin "have on Trump"?
    He can bankrupt Trump overnight by calling in all the loans made to him, that's what!

  11. ^^ Bloated snoozefest comment post - duly noted

  12. The smear campaigns continue by the Democraps and their liberal media allies. They don't let the truth get in the way of any means to besmirch Trump. We're still waiting for Adam Schiff's promised direct evidence of Trump-Russian collusion. American taxpayers had to pay for the Mueller investigation fiasco. The Democrapic National Committee should reimburse all Americans for the millions of dollars wasted on that and other lies.

  13. ^^yep. Nothing you can do about so why bitch? Bitch.

  14. Damn right, the only evidence the Democrats have to offer of "Russian Collusion" is the sworn testimony of over thirty members of the Trump Campaign
    (including two of his sons) and the "fake proofs" turned up by the Treasury Department, the Justice Department, the Homeland Security Department, the House of Representatives, and the Senate in their independent investigations, all showing that such interference existed in 2016 and is happening today.

    All of it faked, every bit of it - and the proof that it is "fake evidence"? Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani both say so!

  15. Popular vote is questionable as New York and Chicago have a long history of creating fictitious votes for Democrat candidates since JFK and before.

    The founders of our country were smart to create an electoral college so the entire United States is represented instead of one large metro area like New York City.

  16. The reason libtards don't like the Electoral Colleges is because it keeps handing them their asses.

    They're Panicking: 'The View' Co-Host Wants Electoral College Change Because Trump Might Pull Off a Win


  17. Jeff wins a lot more elections than he loses! Predictions, not so much! Hell, he picked Willard Romney. Which leads us to ANOTHER COUP ATTEMPT?

  18. Trump had sex without a rubber with a sex worker. He could have herpes or warts and passed them to his wife. Stormy Daniels had unprotected sex with lots of men over the years. Its so gross


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