Here's How Progressives Plan To Flip Republican Kansas

Red state maps are just PR . . . The fight for POPULATION CENTERS WHICH HOST ALL OF THE VOTERS now confront a full court press amid this historic 2020 election year.

Take a look at a bold plan that might or might not inspire Sunflower State upheaval:

Our new data shows where Kansas Democrats need to win to take away GOP's supermajorities

Kelly, meanwhile, has had to deal with a hostile legislature where Republicans can override her vetoes with the support of two-thirds of the members of each chamber. State House Republicans took the same 85-40 majority in 2018 that they'd won in 2016, though their edge dropped to 84-41 after state Rep.


Anonymous said…
More lesbos.
Anonymous said…
The Democraps are the party of open borders, weak police and military, not holding criminals accountable and letting them out of jail or post bond too easily, job and big city destruction, high taxes on our paychecks, aborting babies even after birth, and violent lawlessness. No thank you!
That is also the map where all the crime occurs in Kansas
Anonymous said…
Biden’s malfunctionin’ noggin
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As his mind is glidin’
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And shouldn’t be presidin’.
Anonymous said…
Like how socialist communist pinkos are trying call themselves progressive as a way to fool the unsuspecting lazy free lunch crowd. Once in power they will turn on the gays and women like Mao and Stalin did.