Sunday, September 20, 2020

Downsized Kansas City MLK Street Redux

National news consideration of the LONGSTANDING debate that has FINALLY coming closer to resolution given lower expectations and public disinterest in the finer points of policymaking.

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Kansas City on the cusp of finally naming street after MLK

Kansas City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. without a street named after Martin Luther King Jr., but that could soon change with a proposal expected to be voted on by local lawmakers in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

How a about a circle drive ?

Kul de sac

Anonymous said...

They could name a street in swope Park, that’s where all the shootings are nowadays! Hahahahaha!

By the way, it’s purge Sunday!

Anonymous said...



Take your garbage to storm front. Not wanted here. Odds are you don't even live in Kansas City and have nothing to do with OUR town. Just another worthless hater from the suburbs with no life. Sorry you lost.

Anonymous said...

"Howard said. 'Issues of process are not legitimate.'"

In other words, he and his fellow reverends are too lazy to try to get the consent of residents along those three streets, and besides they might say no.

MKL Jr. Park has long been an overgrown, littered mess. It took a megarich professional athlete to donate money to clean it up. Of course that could have been done by Howard & the Revs & their followers with just modest amounts of effort, a lawn mower and some trash bags, applied on a regular basis. That would have been an honor to MLK, but it would not have give Howard et al. the deep satisfaction of making the Council bend to their will.

Truth is... said...

Vernon Percy Howard.... this is all tgis story is about. Not really about King at all. More about some two-bit preacher forcing this bs down Kansas City's throat. So what? Kansas City doesnt havr an MLK street. Kansas City has had MLK hospital at 26th Brooklyn, MLK high and middle school at 43rd Indiana and a park named after him at 47th Woodland, none of which was even stated in ANY news story about this. Naming a street after MLK isn't important. MLK honored in Kansas City. Every year SCLC under Fuzzy Thompson hobored him with an annual King holiday celebration. Nobody wants to work with Howard. Thats the real story. He is a media chasing whore trying to control the narrative and make it about race. Howard represents himself, not the will of an entire race of people. Thats why he has had so much trouble. Its not 1958 anymore.

Anonymous said...

More racism from from the leftist black people. Did you know Trump fought the city of Palm Springs because he allowed blacks and Jews in his resort and the city didn't like that so they wouldn't give him permits. Then the blacks and Jews turn around and slap him in the face for it. To see what blacks have done to our country over something they know nothing about makes me a racist big time.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a faggot liberal mayor gets told no, he took the only move left and threatened the parks dept. with big cuts in their budget if they alone didn’t name a street after mlk. It’s truly sad when a mayor creates fake racism in our city and throws a tantrum like a Kansas City faggot who can’t get his way. This is what being a mayor in dimwit run cities in today’s world looks like people. I’ve seen enough, how about you?

Charles Whitman said...

Just rename the street already, and stop talking about it.

Bandit said...

Name something and shut the fuck up goddamit! Quit milking the bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Martin " I hate homosexuals " King LGBTJR- Weird

Anonymous said...

today is a good day for EVERYONE to pound their head against a wall.

Anonymous said...

I think it is past time for Congressman Cleaver to step forward and show both respect for a great man and leadership on this issue by formally requesting that the City change the name of "Emmanuel Cleaver II Drive" to "Martin Luther King Jr. Drive", so this matter can be put to rest.

There will be plenty of time to name something else in KCMO for Congressman Cleaver after he is dead.

Anonymous said...

KCK has an MLK drive, it is near big eleven lake and state avenue. just sayin'. was no controversy that i am aware of.

the MLK/paseo thing has been such a waste of money, time, energy, everything! our street crews have so many better things to do than remove good "paseo" signs, then hang those really long and wordy "dr martin luther king jr boulevard" signs, and then to remove those perfectly good MLK signs and re-hang the paseo signs, and then go to some new blvd in town maybe 63rd maybe something else, take down those signs and put up the MLK signs. so silly!

wish we could just go back to the beginning and pick a different street other than paseo. i guess that is the logic behind asking the opinions of the stakeholders at an early stage!