Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dive Into Kansas City Morning Link Pool

We start the early morning inspired by the enduring hotness of Kim K and her social media promo goodness that continues despite the cancellation of her show and as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.


Kansas City Crime Fight Cont’d

AdHoc Group Against Crime continues crime prevention, intervention measures in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The AdHoc Group Against Crime's mission is "Promoting Healing and Justice," and they're working harder than ever during a violent year in Kansas City.

Kansas City Preps For More Serious Fight Against COVID-19

Doctors prepare for flu season as COVID-19 continues to spread

RIVERSIDE, Mo. - Flu season is on the horizon and that has doctor worried about the dual season creating challenges. We've heard the experts say, if you have the coronavirus, you're probably displaying flu-like symptoms. How to differentiate between COVID-19 and Influenza is top of mind headed into peak flu season.

KC Struggles For Hair Equality

Local groups push for action on hair discrimination act

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Black men and women say they face discrimination based on their hair to this day. You've seen the videos of a black wrestler forced to cut his locs and children removed from school. Now, local groups are hoping focusing on legislation at the local level will spark change.

Reality TV Deconstructed

Catching up with the Kardashians: here's what I learned

I have not kept up with the Kardashians. I am not even sure how many there are. (I know people say this often, but in my case it is true.)

No Prez Trump, No Peace

Trump on peaceful transition if he loses: 'Get rid of the ballots' and 'there won't be a transfer'

President Donald Trump was asked Wednesday whether he will commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose this fall to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The president declined to do so. "Well we're going to have to see what happens," Trump said.

Royals Meddle In American Vote

Trump slams Meghan Markle and wishes Harry 'luck'

President Donald Trump slammed Meghan Markle after she and Prince Harry recorded a video message interpreted to be pro-Joe Biden 'I'm not a fan of hers,' Trump said from the podium Wednesday.

COVID-19 Vaxx Sparks Debate

'You are not listening,' Fauci tells Sen. Rand Paul during a Senate hearing on the coronavirus

White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed back Wednesday against Sen. Rand Paul's claim that New York has overcome the coronavirus pandemic because it achieved herd immunity, telling the Republican lawmaker he's "not listening."

Markets Tumble Amid Bad News

Stock futures point lower ahead of jobless claims report

U.S. equity futures are trading lower, indicating that the selling from the prior session will continue. The major futures indexes suggest a decline of 0.4% when the Thursday trading session begins on Wall Street.

Tricky Dick Played Pen Pal With Younger Prez Trump

Dear Donald, Dear Mr. President: A Trump-Nixon '80s tale

WASHINGTON (AP) - They were two men in Manhattan who craved the same thing: validation. One was a brash, young real estate developer looking to put his stamp on New York, the other a disgraced elder statesman bent on repairing his reputation.

Bubba Stays Losing Rebuilding

Royals place OF Starling, RHP Zimmer on IL

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Royals placed outfielder Bubba Starling and right-hander Kyle Zimmer on the injured list and returned left-hander Mike Montgomery and outfielder Franchy Cordero from rehab assignments as part of a series of roster moves to set them up for the final five games of the season.

Kansas City Coffee Collab Brews Growing Java Community

Coffee Design: Marcell Coffee Projects And Roasting Club In Kansas City

This week we're featuring a new concept from the folks at Marcell Coffee Projects and Roasting Club in Kansas City that encourages connection in this uncertain time. It's called Have a Nice Coffee, a "new series of exceptional offerings" with a twist.

Autumn Warms Up

Sunny and much warmer today and through the weekend

More sunshine today and temperatures are rising High temperatures will climb to the 80s through the weekend A cold front moves in Sunday with a stronger cold front on Tuesday bringing much cooler air KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Thursday: Sunny and warmer with a light breeze. Wind: S-SW 5-10 mph.

Billboard #1 in 2000 Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Trump won't give up.

But the truth is that Biden & Harris aren't going to give up either.

Anonymous said...

Trump isn't going anywhere.

12 more years!

Anonymous said...

^^In prison? Yes! 12 more years in prison! Good idea !

Anonymous said...

Meghan Markel is ugly without make-up and lacks a feminine figure.

Send these privileged Communists back to Great Britain.

Are they even legal immigrants?

Prince Harry and his family live a lavish life-style doing nothing off the backs of British taxpayers.

This ass-wipe has no business telling Americans how to live their lives.

Anonymous said...

^^and you have no right telling us how you feel. See how that works shit-for-brains?

Anonymous said...

Hey Harry Fuckface:

Americans 2 Great Britain 0

Revolutionary War and War of 1812 we kicked your ass.

Plus, we bailed your ass out in WWI and WWII.

The American freedoms and way of life over the centuries appears to work.

So shut your pie-hole and go back to your palace in London.

Anonymous said...

oh goody, joe biden's basement butt-boy at 8:19 is back spreading his cheer.

why don't you off yourself, you miserable piece of humanity.

Anonymous said...

"Trump slams Meghan Markle and wishes Harry 'luck'"

And yet neither of them gives a fuck what the Great Pumpkin thinks, does, or says. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Hair discrimination?


Most of it is fake weaves clipped on anyway.

Fake Hair Discrimination would be a better description.

Anonymous said...

^^You bet. Ever seen Trump's mess of shit on his head. You know he's bald as fuck. That shit is stapled to his skull.

Anonymous said...

8:18: Meghan Markle was born in California and is an American, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

You do, though, Chimpy! Lol

Anonymous said...

^^Chimpy-lives in your head. Always. Rent-free. Continue your monkey shines for us! Dance monkey, dance!

Charlie Horse said...

And yet he'll be your President until noon 1/20/2025. Weird huh?

Anonymous said...

^^yes very weird considering he'll still be in prison by then. Very weird indeed.

Anonymous said...

Charlie @9:10 you are wrong!

Unless he is stopped, Trump intends to be "President" until his death or overthrow.

Try to keep up, he has already announced publicly that he is planning to overturn the Constitution and remain in Office as "President" (a/k/a Dictator) regardless of the outcome of this Election.

Therefore, all you Trumpsters are also actively supporting the overthrow of the Constitution and the destruction of the United States Of America, all the while claiming falsely and loudly that you are "Patriots"!

Anonymous said...

^^True that. They claim to love America but support a tyrant who wants to overthrow it.

Anonymous said...

11:09 you are a fool to believe those twisted words from Russian bots!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@11:36, 11:09 here, how about the words of Donald John Trump?

Can I believe those?

I'm going by what he said, and what he said advocates the overthrow of the Constitution!

Now that you called me a fool, tell me what a "Patriot" you are, Rumpletrumpskin!

Anonymous said...

^^Ha! Trumpkin down, Trumpkin down!

Anonymous said...

I'm in favor of Trump's dictatorship. Why not? Couldn't be any worse than a swamp rat's dictatorship. It's not true, just like Trump's collusion and quid pro quo impeachment were shams, but if he was able to convince the military to not forcibly remove him from the White House, and he had whoever claimed to be president locked up or ignored, more power to him. The left hates the constitution until they need it to criticize the president. Well, if they hate it so much, then Trump will throw it out and declare himself a dictator and rule, and he will name his son or daughter to take over when he steps down or dies. Long live Trump.

Anonymous said...

^^except and this is real key here retard, the military hates him and would bounce his ass out in two seconds flat. then he gets to spend what's left of his failed life in Federal prison for tax fraud. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

1:24: And yet the left loves the Constitution and even capitalizes it, and that's a problem for the great orange one. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Yet the left wants to impeach Donald Trump, your president, for following the constitution and nominating a SCOTUS. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they did impeach him. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^And he is still President. Weird.

Now go have Mommy put sprinkles on your cupcake after she makes you eat her snatch.

Anonymous said...


Help, I've fallen -
and no Male who comes near me can get it up!

Anonymous said...

Romania in 1989 knew how to handle wannabe dictators like Trump.