Thursday, September 24, 2020

Disgrace: Kansas City Remains Mostly Silent After 1-Year-Old Shot Dead

There remains a dearth of information from the community regarding a horrific shooting this week despite a reward of $25K and a great deal of public outcry from local leaders.

Similarly, this week a Missouri witness protection bill was signed without any funding. And so, the impact of empty political promises seems negligible when confronting a deadly spike in violence that's seemingly unstoppable.


'Pretty disappointing': Only 1 tip received in shooting death of Kansas City toddler

Authorities in Kansas City are still begging the community to come forward with tips to help find those responsible for the shooting death of a 22-month-old this week.Tyron Payton was inside a car with both of his parents when someone opened fire on the vehicle from outside the car.


Anonymous said...

Isn't their slogan... "Silence Kills"

Yep, it's true.

Roselyn with Mother's in Charge stated the truth on KCMO 710am talk radio earlier this week ... There are people who know the killers and they remain silent.

Anonymous said...

Ain gonna disrespeck dat shooter. I be a proud Africa man, an I no be snitchin' on no bros. Ize gonna git me sum paint an fix dem murals.

Anonymous said...

^^^ lulz!

Anonymous said...

I heard on the news this morning the tip they got was barely understandable, the police dept. is having an expert in Ebonics try to figure out what they’re saying, it could take months before they understand any of it.

Anonymous said...

9 times out of 10 he does misspell paint - I got your tip: 7:21 done it.