Monday, September 21, 2020

Deadly Kansas City Hit & Run Tonight

As this town grows increasingly dangerous, walking at the wrong place and at the wrong time also presents a clear & present danger. Here's another local tragedy tonight and a reminder for TKC readers to be careful navigating local streets.

Take a look both ways . . .

Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run crash Monday night

NEW TONIGHT A 45 YEAR OLD KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, MAN WAS HIT AND KILLED TONIGHT AS HE WAS WALKING ACROSS WELL PARKWAY AT 57TH WITNESSES ARE TELLING POLICE THAT A DARK SUV WHICH WAS SPEEDING HIT THE MAN AND KEPT ON A man was killed in a hit-and-run crash Monday night at 57th Street and Swope Parkway.Accident investigators said a 45-year-old man was walking across the northbound lanes of Swope Parkway about 8:30 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Paint a red X on the street and then bill BLM.

Anonymous said...

NO! It just takes 13% of us to stop 90+% of the killings in KC.

NO! Stop record breaking Black brutality.

NO! Defund all Black social programs as worthless and obviously ineffective.

NO! More Black thug control and more prosecutions.

YES! But not to Black thugs, not to Black Revrands, not to, not to Black politicians.

YES! Publicly put the Black community on notice that this slaughter is primarily on them. For some unfathomable reason no one ever identifies the culprits. It's always "WE".

Anonymous said...

Black excellence.

Any blacks on here care to discuss/explain the black thug culture problem.

Anonymous said...

Undisputed Facts

"Thirteen people who were 18 years old or younger have died in homicides this year. Tyron was the youngest victim. All 13 died in shootings." KC Star

Why don't these lives matter?

Where is the outrage from the leaders in the "community" city hall, previous black mayors, current US Representative?

Your silence has allowed the killing these and all others who died at the hands of their fellow members of the "community."

When are you going to speak up and have the will to do what is right?

Anonymous said...

Where is Ben Crump?

Anonymous said...

Blame. Blame. Blame.

Anonymous said...

:Nothing good ever happens after 8:00pm. Best to just stay home.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that a thug getting shot resisting arrest is so appalling that it causes marches, protests, riots, injuries and deaths BUT a one year old childs murder gets only casual concern in the days news cycle.

Todays Black movements pursues political power and money using false narratives instead of contextual leadership. Most damning is their silence in acknowledging their wholesale slaughter of one another.

If here today MLK Jr. would trash these so called black misleaders like Christ did to the money changers at the Temple. The blood of thousands are on the hands of these Black opportunists and all who give them power are complicit.

Blacks are still being enslaved by their own people for profit and power into the hands of even more maniacal masters than ever before. Dalton

Anonymous said...

Good comments above and the kind of reality that Lucas, the council, and the "leaders" of the community should finally recognize.
Lucas continues to talk about "gun violence", even though the gun laws are the same throughout the state of Missouri and KCMO, yet the vast majority of murders take place in an easily defined part of the city and are perpetrated by a readily identifiable segment of the population.
And he wonders what kind of "code" a person is living by that allows them to murder children.
But it's the same "code" that allowed someone to fire into a crowd at a food truck.
And shoot into a crowd at a restaurant.
And murder a four year-old in his bed.
People who place no value on themselves or others and whose behavior reflect the "code" that devalues human life need to be gotten off the streets.
Lucas needs to stand up, recognize facts, and have the guts to take the action necessary to try to save what's left of the neighborhoods on the east side and good hard-working folks who live in them.
As do the self-appointed "leaders" in the black community.

Anonymous said...

Clever, Lucas, Reed, Shaw... Where is the outrage??? At the end of the day it is all about the meal ticket. Grab as much cash as possible and use any political argument to achieve this goal. More murders? Set up and fund another Black commission.

Jim said...

Clearly we have not torn down the offending statue. We must find the one with all the bad juju and tear it down.

Bandit said...

The thug couldn't steal any bullets so he stole a car to use instead? 😏

Anonymous said...

7:29 it’s that racist Bruce r Watkins statue at Paseo and truman road, tear it down and all will be right in the world again!

Anonymous said...

And the racist clever street signs, those have the worst juju on the planet, get rid of those too!

Anonymous said...

Attorney General Barr said the criminals that die resisting arrest are just props for the BLM and ANTIFA and Marxist Democrat Party to instigate riots and anarchy to further their Marxist agenda.

These groups wait for a felon to die resisting arrest and then begin the riots, arson and looting.

Notice BLM, ANTIFA, and the Marxist Democrat Party never mention these young African American children murdered or the other 150 homicides in Kansas City or 700 in Chicago.

Doesn't fit their narrative which is to blame the other races for the black race violence and homicide tendencies.

Anonymous said...

And yet BLM is painted all over the streets. What do you suppose that means?
NOTHING but a free ride to kill and whitey takes the blame for suppression and racism.
I'm getting sick of this crap.

Bandit said...

It is so much fun to watch Kansas Shitty FAIL in all of it's libtard glory!

Just remember folks, orange man BAD!
Bald closeted gay dude blowing blm on national TV GOOD!

Cops BAD!
Useless warm fuzzy street graffiti at taxpayer expense GOOD!

Businesses being allowed to function BAD!
New airport and toy choo choo GOOD!


Anonymous said...

What be dat bump? I don’t be stopping no kinda way!

Anonymous said...

More street murals is the answer to this problem. Paint some street murals in Swope Park or on Swope Parkway about BLM, and watch for pedestrians (maybe we should say walkers). More BLM street murals at 33rd and Agnes where one-year old boy, Tyron, was shot. They should also say, "thou shall not kill anyone, but especially babies."

Bandit said...

No, Kansas Shitty needs more street graffiti AND more social workers! The downside is that more Shitty workers will need to be furloughed. Oh well! Priorities! 😏

P.S. Rename more shit too! Gotta do that!

Anonymous said...

Bandit, do you always have to have the last word on everything? Seriously, you've already responded, twice. Did you need to respond again? Don't post just to hear your own head rattle.

Bandit said...

UPDATE!!! Ginsburg is still dead. 😏

Anonymous said...

It is extremely unlikely that the shooter picked out the car at random that young Tyrone was in. More likely it was gangster vs. gangster shooting with one of the gangsters being Tyrone's father, or at least his mother's current male companion. Place part of the blame there.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Matlock. Thanks for the "expert" analysis. No go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

ok the topic is pedestrians getting struck by motor vehicles. not BLM or police excessive force or whatever else.

and on this topic, KC has a lot of work to do.

people routinely blow through marked crosswalks. I've even seen KCPD cars do it all the time on east 12th street, where there are crosswalks cutting to the federal building, the cruisers all the time blow them. I saw one do it for a lady in a walker in the rain once!

KCPD needs to ramp up traffic enforcement all over the metro. speeding tickets, red light running tickets, and cross walk blowing tickets would help.

slow down people.

Anonymous said...

How about a giant copper toe tag memorial as a art instillation in Swope Park ? Make it bullet proof for partying around !!!

Anonymous said...

Almost Applesauce time and then a nap. My favorite time of the day.

Sleepy - Basement Joe Biden
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