Coronavirus Killing Kansas City Arts Scene

The creative-class is quickly vanishing as locals prioritize spending and realize that streaming movies are still more entertaining than cowtown performances. Moreover, socially distant events are a drag and not worth enduring.

Still, here's an upbeat take on the situation and plans for a comeback . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Arts Organizations Plot a New Future in Face of Pandemic

Arts organizations, long accustomed to bolstering the public's morale during tough times, have been shouldering their own share of suffering amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The seemingly relentless wrath of COVID has shut down venues, cancelled performances, suspended programs and put the kibosh on fundraising galas.


  1. Our arts scene is so weak and without talent, it wouldn’t take much to cancel it.

  2. ^^OK Boomer. Go watch Matlock.

    1. 10:07s colostomy bag is overflowing cause shit is coming out of his mouth.


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