Sunday, September 13, 2020

Consensus: Kansas City Coronavirus Crackdown Targets Small Biz

Locals continue to note that SMALL BIZ ENDURES GREATER CITY HALL PANDEMIC ENFORCEMENT than corporate chains or box stores . . . Whilst this report is hopeful, a growing number of small biz owners have become more outspoken in their criticism of municipal public health rules.

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Pandemic alters plans for KC small businesses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the landscape for Kansas City, Missouri's small businesses as many have struggled to survive. Nearly seven months into the pandemic, several shops have closed for good, while others are adjusting or even expanding.


Anonymous said...

Lucas has single handedly destroyed kc and turned it into an unlivable City, a divided city a murder capitol of the world city. He did all that in one year people, what do you think will happen if he gets three more years?


Anonymous said...

Then go give your stupid-ass, struggling to stay afloat recall campaign the $50,000 it needs. Do it and post the receipt.

Tony's Kansas City, the all-talk, no-action website.

Anonymous said...

^^^ why aren’t you doing monkeyshines for the zoo patrons today little monkey?

You better hope mayor lickass doesn’t cut off funding to you and yo momma at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Or is it mayor lickass responding to all these comments? Probably is.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious now that Mayor Q and Dr. Rexy Unsexy shut down far too much. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Anonymous said...

This is the fault of Quinton Lucas he could have opened business but he doesn't care nor does he know what he is doing. Look at the essential businesses they have had no cases and no problems. You want to protest??? Get your butts into city hall and protest the damn mayor. He would rather go see the chiefs and keep them going more than small business.