Monday, September 14, 2020

Confirmed: Kansas City Water Tastes Like Garbage Right Now

After a great many social media complaints, this local institution was forced to make a tacit admission.

Sadly, no discount or prorating planned. Drink it in:

KC Water warns customers about potential taste and odor changes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KC Water is warning customers that they may notice some taste and odor changes in their drinking water; however, the water is still safe to use. The possible taste and odor changes are due to weather conditions, including rain, temperature, river water levels and runoff from snow melt.


Anonymous said...

What happened is Sly James when he sent out those 50 million flyers saying he was voting for this, Meaning the betterment of the water treatment system he actually lied and that money went into his pocket. Suck it up.

The Ayatollah said...

Confirmed: Kansas City V tastes like garbage too!

Anonymous said...

So what do you want for only $100/month?
All just a part of turning KCMO into a Third World metropolis.
But THE streetcar is free!
What a town!

Bandit said...

Water quality is just one of the city services that was sacrifices for the street graffiti. Had enough yet Kansas Shitty?

Anonymous said...

^^^Of you, yes.

Anonymous said...

Put a filter on it. There, fixed.

Anonymous said...

Warns customers? Where they hell have they been the last 10 years?

No new news here.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your water peasants.

Clark Hunt